We were all more than a little excited when the FedEx man arrived at our door on July 11th to drop off Scott’s paperwork — including his missionary name tag! We’d read a lot about missionaries having to ‘visa wait’ in the United States, some for months, before being able to report to Brazil, but thanks to our residence in New York State and our local Brazilian consulate in NYC, Scott’s visa arrived in Salt Lake over a month before his start date. That means that Scott will be able to report directly to the Missionary Training Center (CTM) in Sao Paulo, Brazil!

Scott will leave Albany at dinnertime on Tuesday, August 9, 2011, have a short layover in Atlanta, and then fly through the night to arrive in Sao Paulo on Wednesday morning, August 10th. He will spend nine weeks there — learning Portuguese and missionary lessons — and then fly to Belém to officially begin his mission.

Very exciting!