First Email Home!

Hey family!!

I am glad everyone is doing well! It was really nice to get emails from everyone, hopefully I will have some time to write everyone back! But probably not… I have to get used to this computer thing, and this keyboard. For instance, I keep accidentally typing ç and ~, and also I cannot find the apostrophe button. Oh nevermind, I’ve found it!

That is very nice of mom to give me a list of question to answer! Don’t worry I would have told you everything anyway haha. When I got to Atlanta I eventually found my way to the International terminal (which I must say is probably the most exciting terminal to be in ever, I didn’t hear any English) and then waited by my flight looking for suits… nope. I was definitely the only missionary in the airport. But don’t worry, I have proof that God was still looking out for me and didn’t want me to be alone. I got on the plane and sat in front of a Brazilian couple who were Mormon! Unfortunately they spoke zero English… But then a Brazilian lady sat down next to me, and she turned out to be Mormon also! AND she had lived in Utah\Idaho for 25 years and spoke almost perfect English! We had a great time talking, she had served a mission also and she gave me lots of great advice and encouragement. I gave her one of my cards to have my address because she said she wanted to write to me!

So yeah, it was all very crazy how all of the people in the picture ended up there. Elder M flew in from Dallas about 2 hours before me, so I met him when I got here. Everyone else in that pictures also flew out of Dallas, but their flight got delayed and delayed and then cancelled, so they didn’t end up getting to the CTM until 3:30 thursday morning! And visas are apparently a huge problem. Sister R, Elder K to my right (from Rochester), and the Elder N two to my left are the only ones who came from home, the rest came from Provo after at least 3 weeks. So the four of us are our own district! We are a trio of elders, and we get along really well, they are both really awesome guys. All 3 of us actually went to BYU! Sister R is really funny and ALWAYS laughing, so I love my district, we are getting really close and it hasn’t even been a week!

I love learning Portuguese! I think I’m catching on really quickly actually. I already know the door approach, how to give a pretty lengthy prayer and bear a pretty lengthy testimony, and the first vision. I just need to learn how to communicate with the other Brazilians! Elders K and N and I are the only Americans on our floor, and we have a few Brazilian roommates, and its so much fun talking to them. They like to practice their English with us too haha. But I already have made definite improvements as far as being able to communicate and understand them, although I definitely have so much more work to do! They all talk so fast…

But learning Portuguese is not the main reason I’m here! I think teaching is the area that I most have to improve on, but I suppose thats another reason why I’m here! It’s certainly been getting better, and I know I’ll be doing more practice this week. Just have to keep working! Since I hear that work work work is the key to success. I actually have been trying my best to work as hard as I can, including while my companions were napping Sunday afternoon and on the way to and from the Temple this morning (which was soo awesome!).

Well I love you all! Sorry about the essay, I don’t have time to write to everyone individually… but I’ll try to be a bit more concise with this letter next week. Have a wonderful week!

Elder Scott Maughan


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