I Can’t Make Up Interesting Subject Lines Like Melissa Can

Hey family!

Thanks for the letters! I really loved reading them.

One lone Elder came from home this week and they put him in our district, so now we’re up to 5 in our district! He’s a week behind too but I think he’ll catch up easily. Our district works really hard, but we also make sure we have fun too. Our two instructors are awesome, they can really bring the spirit when they need to and they can really make us laugh when we need to. Our goal for this next week is to talk more to each other in Portuguese! Also my companion and I gave a lesson almost entirely in Portuguese. Not the greatest lesson in the world, but we’ll have to be teaching in Portuguese eventually I suppose so why not try now?

From what I hear only 1 more elder is coming this week, not sure what they’ll do with him. It really does seem incredibly hard to get a visa here now. I wish JR was coming here! It’s way fun meeting people you know here. For instance, Elder Michael Biancardi! He’s the one who wrote and conducted that song I played the cello for in winter semester at BYU. He just left for his area yesterday, but while he was here he composed an arrangement of “Where Can I Turn For Peace” that he taught the whole CTM to sing (and play for the few instruments and vocalists) for the fireside last Sunday. It was absolutely amazing, one of the best arrangements of any hymn I’ve ever heard, and really brought the spirit too. And the incredible thing is that he wrote it without ever hearing it before Sunday! He’s so talented. I gave him my address, he and I are going to keep in touch.

But yeah what I was going to say is yes from what I hear there should be 15-20 in our district, the rest must be in Provo. And Sister R is going to Belem! She’s the lone sister in the district, but she’s really fun and it’s great having her there. Also going to Belem is a group of Brazilian Elders we sit with at most meals! They are really fun, one of them knows English pretty well which helps a ton. Speaking of meals, the food in the CTM is great! Rice and beans every meal (just as a side dish), amazing fresh fruit every meal, and the main dishes and desserts are so good too. I’ve eaten so many things that we don’t have at home, and I know the names for… none of them, sorry!

Preparation days are nice too. This morning we actually went to the Campinos Temple because Sao Paulo was closed (that makes 6 different temples in 6 visits!). Then we got back, put in our laundry, and go write emails! We’re planning on hitting the town after this. By which I mean walking to the post office to mail letters, maybe go to the paper store to get pens, and then maybe get a cookie or pastel. Then we really want to play volleyball! We get really really into volleyball, we play it for gym everyday. Turns out everyone in my district is at least pretty solid at volleyball so we have really good games (not keeping score of course).

Well I hope you are all having a fantastic day and have a fantastic week! Love you all!

Elder Scott Maughan


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