Week 3? or 4?

Hey everyone again!

Not too much has changed here! Every week more and more Americans leave, and every week less and less Americans arrive, so we are getting quite outnumbed here by the Brazilians. It’s really fun though! I know enough Portuguese to at least have a small conversation with them (if I can get them to talk really slow), and they are all friendly and nice. If only I had already known Portuguese, I would have left today! All our Brazilian friends that had arrived the same time as us left this morning, and we definitely all really miss them. We took lots of pictures with them though! Except can’t figure out how to attached them on this computer… I’ll try that again next week, sorry!

The learning here is going really well! Portuguese is coming along pretty well still I think. All our professors and people we teach say that our district is farther ahead then most districts are by this point. I think having a small district and being surrounded by Brazilians is really helping. Yup we’re still at 5 people right now, although if anyone that was supposed to be in our district got their visas in the past month they would come tomorrow. One elder came last week, a week ahead of us. He says that there are about 200 elders waiting for their visas in the Provo MTC. Crazy! Makes me really greatful that I was able to get mine. There are probably not even 30 Americans here now.

Oh so kinda cool fact. There are two Japanese sisters here that we do lots of activities with (they count as a “North American district” and only a week ahead of us), and those sisters are the first Japanese sisters ever to be called to Brazil! They are really incredible, they both only knew a small amount of English from studying at BYU Hawaii, so they are really learning two languages at the same time. They are super nice, super funny, and full of energy too. If I ever figure out how to hook up my camera I’ll show you a picture of them also!

Wow Hurricane Irene? Thats crazy! Thanks for sending those pictures, that’s incredible. I’m glad everyone is okay! And I’m glad you had internet too, haha. I suppose I’ll have my share of rain for the next few years. I wish I could’ve gone to Lake George! I hope you guys had a great time. Love you all, take care!


Elder Scott Maughan

P.S. Subject: I’m technically what we call a “4th week”, but I haven’t even been here 3 weeks yet, so it’s a bit confusing!


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