We should probably give them a chance to surrender

Hey family!

Thanks for the letters! And thanks Dad and Eric for the postcards! Now my district has pictures of Portland, Las Vegas, and Wyoming tacked on the wall haha. We’ve been working on decorating our room. And sorry I didn’t bring my camera this time! I’ll try again next week. Since we can’t take pictures outside of the CTM I don’t have any super exciting pictures to share yet anyway, but I’ll try to add some next week.

I’m really sorry to hear about Sister Bentley, that’s so sad. Thank you for keeping me updated though. I’ll make sure I keep her family and Sister Love in my prayers.

Three more elders arrived this week. They all came from Provo after 5 or 6 weeks. But three is still an improvement! Is that elder from PA coming this week? Well I guess I’ll find out before I hear back from you haha. We’ve heard that two elders are coming from home this week, which will be the first time anyone has come from home since Elder Stinnett joined our district 3 weeks ago. I hope more come! There are actually more Latinos here than there are American right now. So there’s quite a mix of languages here! When we since in choir we occasionally since a verse in each language (sometimes Japanese too!) so it’s pretty interesting and really neat.

Yes I am loving volleyball still! Actually the 2 other districts that we have gym with have challenged my district to a game of volleyball tomorrow (non-competitive, of course), so it will be their best 6 people again the 5 of us. Hardly fair, I think. We should probably give them a chance to surrender.

The language is still going well! Since our friends left last week we haven’t had so many Brasileiros to talk to, but just the past couple days we’ve been meeting some guys on our floor. They speak really fast and none of them know English, but the more we talk the more we can understand them! It’s actually really funny, because we can have a conversation about church pretty easily (even though us Americans are still talking pretty slow), but I am soo lost if we try to talk about anything else haha. I guess that will come eventually! Probably not as important right now anyway.

Teaching is coming along better too! Last Saturday we taught an actual family from a Casa Verde ward, which was extremely nerveracking but still a great experience! It was probably more of a learning experience for Elder N and me, but a good one nonetheless. We are certainly improving, and smoothing out our lessons much better. Definitely still have a lot to learn, but I’m enjoying it. Also, I’ve been trying to read the Book of Mormon in Portuguese the past couple weeks and it’s getting easier and easier and I’m understanding more and more, which is a good sign!

Well sorry nothing terribly exciting has happened this past week! I’ll try harder to get some pictures on here next week, so you can see what it’s like. Take care, love you all!

Elder Scott Maughan


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