Work please!

Scott's CTM district Hello family!

Yup, finally made it past the halfway point here in the CTM! It feels like it’s gone by pretty quickly though. Oh and I made an outline of what I might say today hopefully I’ll have time to try to add pictures at the end haha.

First of all, we got new roommates this week! They are both Brazilian, and they are super cool. And I’m getting to the point where we can have conversations and I can understand them better! Our whole district is definitely making improvements, I think being totally surrounded here by the language has really helped. Now that we can have conversations (slowly) with the guys in our room and in our hall, it’s been really fun getting to know them. It’s kinda crazy to think that they still leave a couple weeks before us, we are here for so long! But thats okay, I like it.

So we came to the conclusion that Brazilian Sisters are easier to understand than Brazilian Elders. Luckily Sister R (who is still the only other American going to Belém here) knows all of them, so when we sit next to her, we sit next to all the other Sisters also! The first day one of the Sisters told me that she had a friend living in Utah that had a pictures with me, and I was soo confused because I definitely had never heard of the name before. Turns out, she was confusing me for Eric! Thought I could get away from being confused for Eric in Brazil, guess not! That made me laugh a ton though.

Every Sunday we sing the Brazilian National anthem, which is super fast and hard to sing and uses words that even Brazilians don’t know. Fun to try singing though! Anyway, this past Sunday, September 11th, I wanted to do something patriotic so I asked the CTM president if all the Americans could sing The Star Spangled Banner before we started the devotional and he said yes! So we had a translator explain what we were going to sing and why, then all the Americans (only 25 of us) stood up front and sung the national anthem, and it was amazing. The international director of MTCs was at this meeting too, and he said that he really liked it. Proud to be an American! And excited to become semi-Brazilian too, of course.

Last thing before I try to figure out pictures, I might actually get to use my cello skills! There’s a violin here that they use with choir songs, but the last person who knows how to play the violin is leaving next Tuesday. But I was playing around with it the other day (holding it like a cello on my lap) and my friends said I had to sign up to use the violin next, and since I give in to peer pressure really easily I did! Looks like I might be teaching myself how to play the violin haha.

Okay I tried to attach the pictures, don’t know if it worked? Hope it did!! AAllssoo eevveerryytthhiinngg iiss ddoouubbbblleedd rriigghhtt nnooww aanndd II ddoonn”tt kknnooww wwhhyy… wweeiirrdd!! HHaahhaa hhaavvee aa ggrreeaatt wweeeekk!!

Elder Sccoott MMaauugghhaann tthhiiss ccoommppuutteerr iiss hhaavviinngg aa ttoouugghhtt ttiimmee hhaahhaa.


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