Big Debut Tonight!

This week has been good! Nothing too exciting…. Oh actually one thing that might be exciting, there might be a strike with the mail service in Brazil! One started last Wednesday, but then we got mail on Friday… but then we haven’t gotten mail since… so not totally sure what is going on with that! Kinda hope that it’s not still going on, guess I’ll find out later today when we try to go to the post office.

We’re down to 19 Americans here! But 6 more are coming tomorrow (4 from home), so hopefully thats a good sign that things are changing. Glad to hear Aaron might be getting his visa, it would be nice to see another familiar face who should be here. I leave for Belém the 11th of October, 3 more weeks! That means that we head out with the Brazilians that will be arriving this Thursday. Hopefully some of them are going to Belém also! If not, then Sister R and I might be companions on the trip to Belém. I’m glad there are at least two of us! It’s a 5 hour flight from what I hear.

Oh yeah, a normal day! So we wake up at 6:30, eat breakfast, study the scriptures/Preach My Gospel/Portuguese for a little bit, go to TRC and practice teaching, study some more, go to gym for an hour (volleyball!), eat lunch (always delicious), have class where we learn more about the gospel and the language and how to teach, then go to dinner, then study more, then have more class, then have a snack, then talk to Brazilians for an hour (when we should be getting ready for bed), then we are usually in bed as close to 10:30 as possible. The classes are awesome, we got really lucky with our teachers. They are both native brazilians (obviously) who speak english really well. They are also both really smart, really instructive, and absolutely hilarious. Probably at least once a week I laugh so hard I cry. We have a really fun district, but everyone is also really spiritual and hardworking. It’s a really good combo.

Oh and the schedules does change too! Some days we have devotionals that we all go to instead of night class. We have one tonight, and I’m playing the violin for the choir! Can’t wait haha. It’s just Sweet Hour of Prayer (O Doce, Grata Oraçao) so it’s pretty easy… I hope! Also Tuesdays we have Preperation Day, where we go to the São Paulo Temple in the mornings (it’s soo beautiful) and then come back and all afternoon we just write letters/emails, sometimes play volleyball, and we go walk around the street outside and run errands. That’s one plus of being here in the CTM, on our P-Days we are allowed to leave the CTM and go pretty much where ever we want. It’s really nice!

Glad to hear the family and friends are doing well! Have a fantastic week!
Elder Scott Maughan


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