2 Weeks till Belém!

Hello family! Nice to hear from you! Not quite sure what the deal is with the mail strike, we get just a few letters once or twice a week, but the ones we receive were sent anywhere from a week ago to 3 weeks ago. Kinda confusing! I really have no clue if the letters I’m sending are getting through or if letters sent to me are coming through either.

Thats so great that Aaron got his visa! It’ll be nice to see a familiar face. Also, I think J.R. might be coming tomorrow! I thought I heard a Gleason on the list of people coming. 16 or so Americans should be coming from Provo tomorrow, thats a good sign. As of now I’m still the only one from our stake though. 6 missionaries came last week, including one into our district! We were a little worried, just because we’d become so close over the last 6 weeks that we weren’t sure how it was going to be, but he’s awesome! Elder H is from NJ, and he fits in perfectly. Since he’s going to Brasilia just like Elder N, he’s in our companionship. He has two more friends in his old district in Provo going to Belem. I’m looking forward to meeting Elder G.

The temple sessions have all been in English except once. The temple here is so nice, and just last week we went to the baptistry for the first time and it’s absolutely amazing!

Our roommates left today! We miss them – we’ve gotten so lucky with the Brasileiros that we’ve had in our room. Both times they have been super nice and helpful. I hope we get new Brazilian roommates next week!

Oh and violin went really well. I’m actually playing again tonight. And Elder K in our district is conducting the music tonight and asked me to play a short duet with Sister R on the piano (she’s absolutely amazing at it). Oh, if you get the chance you should look up the Brazilian Hino Nacional, so that you can get a sense of what all the Americans have to try to stumble through every Sunday. Warning though, it always gets stuck in my head!

Well I think thats it for most of the exciting news this week. We go proselyting on Monday around the neighborhood for the first time, that will be exciting! We’ll be giving out Book of Mormons, I hope it goes well! And I hope we can understand people haha. Well take care, love you all!

Elder Scott Maughan


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