Party on the plane to Belém!

Yup I leave for Brazil exactly one week from today! And from what I hear, the people who are flying up north usually leave for the airport at 4 in the morning, so that will be fun! I’ve met a couple more awesome Brazilians (2 Elders and a Sister) that are also going up to Belem with Sister Robinson and I so that will be a party, more or less. Haven’t yet heard of any the Provo Elders going straight there, I hope so though! Also, President Clark (the CTM president) said that there are 3 Elders and a Sister coming from home this week. I’ll be here to say hi to Elder Blanchard when he arrives!

Proselyting was so incredible! Our companionship had 6 books to give out, two per Elder, and we just wandered the streets talking to people about the Book of Mormon and our church. I was actually really surprised, because I figured I would be kinda shy and nervous about having conversations with people on the streets, but I actually ended up being the one who was striking up most of our conversations. It’s funny when the scriptures say open your mouth and it will be filled, because that’s basically exactly what would happen. Without really thinking about what I was going to say I would just start a sentence and the rest would just kinda seem to flow out, and apparently in discernable Portuguese too! We ended up giving out all or Book of Mormons relatively quickly and easily. While we obviously got ignored several times, we actually never got turned down (guess I’m still waiting for that first fun experience), and never got into any debates or such either. It was so awesome, and next week we get to take a public bus to the “Times Square” of São Paulo and do the same thing! That will be intense.

I really enjoyed conference too!  I watched/listened to every minute of conference. It was a great experience, and it’s so funny here because everyone gets so excited about it. We all got super pumped when they announced the 2nd Provo Temple – that will be awesome! And completely necessary; the Provo Temple would get so packed.

Hmmm well not quite sure what else to say, nothing else too exciting! Our district has CTM senioritis, but we’re doing a pretty good job at not letting it get to us. Everything’s going well. It was nice to hear from everyone! And Dad, I loved the envelope you sent me, with Eric’s name crossed out. The secretary here sure was confused, but don’t worry it got to me! And Melissa that’s so awesome you talked to someone in Salem – small world! And I’ll send home a package of mail to be sent off today. I would’ve sent it last week but I thought I’d wait to make sure I didn’t have other letters to write also. Ended up not receiving any to write back to this week, but I did get one that all the XC boys sent from the Baldwinsville pasta party! Those guys are awesome, I couldn’t stop smiling reading that. Well take care, have a great week!

Elder Scott Maughan


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