Óla família!

Okay that’s probably it for the Portuguese! it still takes a bit too long to think everything out. And I’m trying to send some pictures here. I hope it works! Not quite sure the quality of the internet here, but it seems pretty good.

Did I mention that my zone is Cidade Nova? That might be easier to find. And there aren’t really street names here actually; they do everything in numbered blocks. But if I see any street signs, I’ll try to remember how they’re spelled.

Glad you got my letters, glad to hear the mail is working too! We get mail on Tuesday mornings so I’ll find out then if any mail got forwarded. I forgot to mention that yes I got a letter from Otis! And actually kinda funny; Otis has been in every single one of my dreams since then haha. Thats another strange thing: I remember my dreams way better here!

So it actually doesn’t rain nearly as much as I expected, probably only every 4 days or so. But when it rains, boy does it rain. Last Thursday it rained from noon until 9, and on a scale from 1 to 5 I’d say the lightest it ever got was 3. Turns out it can actually get a bit chilly when you’re more or less soaked; never thought I’d be cold here ever!

I’m also slowly starting to adjust to the eating schedule here! Basically this is what it seems like: eat a tiny breakfast at 7:30, eat a HUGE lunch at 12:30, then eat a tiny dinner at 9:30. I’ll admit I still have to have a big breakfast, I’m not sure if I could function without one. I usually have aveia every morning (which it turns out is oatmeal, although it took me a week to put that together), then some small snacks at night. Oh and they have this really good chocolate milk mix, which I put on everything, including milk, oatmeal, toast, and chocolate cookies. Yup, still really like chocolate.

The teaching has also been going really well, it’s a really neat experience finding people, talking about the gospel, then visiting them in their homes to teach. I actually for some reason find it more enjoyable and almost easier to meet specific needs or problems then to just teach a lesson. I love finding the perfect scripture that fits exactly their situation. I’ve been working on marking important scriptures and remembering where they are. My appreciation for the scriptures has really grown here. The only problem is that I have to understand the people here in order to figure out how exactly I can help… but that’s coming! Someone pointed out that it’s easier to learn the language in order to preach the gospel then it is to learn the language to just learn the language.

Well that’s all for now. I hope you have a great week! Take care, love you all!

Elder Scott Maughan

Three friends from the Albany, NY stake — together in the Brazil MTC

Scott’s district in the Sao Paulo CTM

Scott with Sao Paulo CTM President Clark and his wife, Sister Clark.

Missionaries leaving the CTM for Belém


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