NERF Basketball Star

Óla novamente!

So many questions! And not even in bold! Haha just kidding. I’ll try to answer most of them.

Elder Bispo is from Campinas, São Paulo, and he’s pretty cool. He’s relatively easy to understand, especially compared to people from Belém, and the more I talk to him the easier he is to understand. He’s actually only one transfer ahead of me, which is kinda cool and kinda scary at the same time. I mean it’s neat that we knew some of the same people in the CTM, but a bit scary considering we basically have no experience between the two of us… but we’re both learning! He loves to talk, which is convenient when I’m still learning to be able to talk.

I think I’m staying in pretty good(ish) shape! We have a half hour to exercise every morning, and so I do 10 minutes of core (why not?), 10 minutes of upper body exercises (we were given a resistance band thing in the CTM), and then I play basketball with myself for 10 minutes. When I say basketball, I mean throwing things in a little door frame basketball hoop that an Elder Haws (THE Tyler Haws? Haha BYU basketball player, different mission I think) apparently left in our apartment. So I set that up and “shoot hoops” in our front room every morning, which turns out to be pretty good exercise if you try to never stop moving. I figure that and walking all day takes good enough care of the legs. But I wouldn’t say I’m tan or buff. I’ve been using that sunscreen and that’s keeping me surprisingly protected. That being said, I’ve got some pretty good tan lines forming on my arms and neck.

I really miss playing the violin in the CTM! I’ve been memorizing hymns in Portuguese to sing in my head while we walk. It’s kinda fun. Eric’s mini hymn book has really saved my life. I think the hymns keep me a bit more sane, and they are good pick-me-up things when I need it, too.

I forgot to take pictures this week… but I promise I’ll take some today! We’re taking a bus into Belém to visit the Escritório and I’ll try to take some. Or with the members of the ward here. They are really nice and friendly. They always poke fun at the fact that I don’t understand most of what they say, but they also like to help me learn too. The ward here is actually the strongest and largest in the area, and it would be even larger if people would get married… that’s one of the biggest problems here. Many, if not most, couples just live together without getting married, so we work a lot with that. And also there are two separate families that were baptized – except a daughter, because the daughter is scared of water. An interesting challenge, that’s for sure!

Okay I think I answered at least some of the questions. I hope you all have a fabulous week. Love you!

Com amor,
Élder Scott Maughan

P.S. the Internet paused for a few minutes here so I thought I’d take a picture! Here’s Elder Bispo and I.


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