Busy week for everyone?

It’s me again!

Glad to hear the family is doing well! Sounds like everyone is extremely busy. Actually I fit in too, because I also had an extremely busy week, but it was a good one too!

One of the couples we’ve been teaching finally decided to get married, so Elder Bispo and I got to go into downtown Belém with them where they did the paperwork, and that was really neat. The city hall (by the way, I decided it’s slightly frightening to be sitting in a government building of a country that you don’t belong to) is located right next to the Amazon (which they count as the sea because it’s so large). And there’s a GIANT food/fish market right there called Ver-O-Peso. And I should’ve taken pictures but… kinda forgot, I was busy looking at everything! But I’ll for sure take pictures next time I’m there. I’ve never seen so much fish in my life, it was crazy.

Also we had the zone conference, which was really neat! Got to see a bunch of my friends that flew out with me from the CTM, and I could definitely understand them better than I could when we left, so that’s a good sign! Felt like I was in the CTM again, sitting in the same spot all day long and being taught, but Presidente and Sister Campos are awesome and they’re really good at keeping attention, even in Portuguese. Learned a bunch of great lessons, ate a lot of great food, and talked to a lot of great people, so it was a pretty great day!

Oh and probably most exciting, I baptized my first investigator Saturday!! He came to us last Sunday and told us he wanted to be baptized. Apparently his wife and kids have been members for 7 years now, and he finally decided he wanted to join them. And Elder Bispo had me baptize him, slightly nerve-racking but such a neat experience too! And actually another lady came up to us in church yesterday who has been attending church for 4 months now but was living with her boyfriend, and apparently she just moved out and wants to be baptized now, so hopefully we’ll have another one Saturday! I guess Belém really is the mission of miracles.

Well the internet was going super slow and taking forever to download photos so I don’t have time to send any this week… I’ll make up for it next week. I’ll send at least 3! Sorry! Love you all–have an awesome week!

Elder Scott Maughan


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