I Can Fix Your Camera

Óla novamente!

63 degrees in Burnt Hills this time of the year? I don’t believe it! It was probably pretty close to 63 degrees here yesterday… in celsius… actually I really never know the temperature here, partly because I don’t have a thermometer and partly because I don’t want to know. Oh and I think Belém has Burnt Hills beat with the Christmas lights. People started decorating for Natal 3 weeks ago!

Also, I didn’t actually get the package last week, but that could more likely just mean that the zone leaders just never picked it up. They are supposed to pick up our mail every Monday in the mission office and we get it at zone meeting the next day.

Had baptism #2 Saturday! The lady who had moved out of her boyfriend’s house got baptized. Since Elder Bispo had previously been teaching her before I got here, he baptized her. It was really neat, and she was so excited. She even made us a cake! I would have taken pictures but my camera wasn’t working… there was some problem with the lens. Not completely sure what the problem was, but I found out the next day that banging the camera on the table could fix it. Why hadn’t I thought of that earlier?

Teaching is going well too. We are getting a ton of help from the members in the ward. We’ve been getting lots of referrals for families and friends from them. This past week we had 18 investigators at church! Problem is all of the couples have to get married… but at least their sons and daughters can get baptized before then! I didn’t realize how long it takes for divorce papers and marriage papers to get processed. For instance, the family we went into Belém with last week to get married can’t be baptized until the end of the next month when it’s official that they are married.

Hopefully these pictures send! Thought for a second I was out of luck again because the USB outlets on the computer weren’t working… found the one at the back though! The trees in the background of the first one are Açai trees, which are EVERYWHERE here. Not complaining — it tastes so good! I’m trying to branch out, experimenting with new foods and new fruits. So far haven’t gotten sick or had anything nasty (knock on wood!).

Oh and by the way last week I found out that the name of the city I’m in is Ananindeua. That might help you find it on google maps!

Well have a fantastic week, until next Segunda-Feira! Love you all!

Élder Scott Maughan


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