Hello family!

Hopefully the internet will work this week… glad to hear my email last week got through! And I don’t have too much news from this week either either but I’ll try to make it exciting. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Sounds like things were pretty nice around the house. My Thanksgiving was pretty normal. Actually, kinda ironically it was less than normal, considering our lunch appointment with a family fell through… but that’s okay! I celebrated “Dia de Ação de Gracas” by eating a giant mango for dinner while listening to some song called “Thankful” by Josh Groban, which I don’t think I knew was on my mp3 player. Worked out well!

The accent is coming along a little better. I’m learning some new pronunciation rules (that I probably should’ve learned 3 months ago) which I think is helping people understand me a little better. The pronunciation guide in the mini dictionary is my new best friend. Of course, that guide is based on high class people from São Paulo, not exactly Ananindeua, but I figure it’s a whole lot closer than an American accent.

Transfers were last week! Which makes me no longer the newest American in the Belém Mission. The only change in my zone was my district leader (American) who I was pretty good friends with, but it will be nice to work with new missionaries. Still working with Elder Bispo – things are going well there too. Also I’m making a few friends in the ward, which is really helpful for having someone with a Belém accent with whom I can talk and practice listening.

Also we had another zone training Wednesday. A member of the Seventy gave a great training, really interesting and enlightening. Also one of the best parts of that meeting was that I got to see all my friends from the CTM! Sister Robinson was the only member of our group that wasn’t there, but it was really fun to talk to everyone else. Also, I got to catch up with all my friends that I made from my first 3 weeks of the CTM that are a transfer ahead of me! It was really neat to be able to see that my Portuguese has, in fact, improved from my 3rd week in the CTM. I had missed those guys; it was really nice to see them again.

Well I hope everyone has a great rest of November and start of December! If you ever get cold, just think of me. Love you all, until next week!

Élder Scott Maughan

P.S. Pictures this week again! Where I spend 8-12 every morning studying (guess which side is mine), and a bowl of Açai (pronunciation in subject title) mixed with sugar and tapioca. Or I think it’s tapioca.


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