Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Óla família!

So looks like I won’t be asking any questions in this email, because I’m using an English keyboard that’s configured to Português keys, which apparently means there’s no question mark.

But if I was able to ask a question, I would ask if you’re super excited to have Melissa coming home! I’m really glad I went to go see her too; I think that worked out perfectly. I actually still have the video from that and all the pictures with me on my camera still, which is really nice sometimes! I’ve actually used that a couple times now to show people my sister, and to show people Kirtland. It’s been helpful. And also, thanks to that trip, I can say now that I once drove 7 hours on 3 hours of sleep and with the flu.

So lately in the mission there’s been a huge push to find and teach and baptize families. So we’ve been working on that, and we’ve been teaching some great families that have been introduced to us by people in the ward. Unfortunately, all of them have to get married… the reason our number of investigators at church is always relatively high is because there are a bunch of families that are basically super active members, minus the fact that aren’t baptized. One big problem is that it’s hard to get married, and even harder to get a divorce usually. So we work with trying to figure that out pretty often. We will have one wedding and baptism later this month, that will be really exciting! Also having to do with families, we like to hold family home evenings on Monday nights! That’s been really neat and really fun (and another way to some more food too).

So you are right – Ananindeua is huge. So huge that I didn’t realize it was a city. I thought it was a county sort of thing, and that the cities or towns I’m in were Paar and Curçamba, but it turns out those are just burroughs. Well they are huge burroughs apparently! It takes about 40 minutes of speed walking (Elder Bispo likes to walk fast) to get from one side to the other. But to answer your question, there are way more missionaries than just us here. In fact I think there’s more than one stake in Ananindeua. But my new district leader is also American, and there are two other Americans in my zone. One just arrived from Provo actually, so I’m no longer the newest in the zone! I met Elder Glenn last week and told him my mom talks to his mom, and he just laughed. I’ll start asking more Americans if their moms are part of the ‘club’ too.

Sorry, I can’t really think of anything too exciting to say! Eric asked if I was gaining weight, and the answer is probably yes, but I don’t know for sure since I haven’t touched a scale since the 3rd week in the CTM. It’s kinda the same thing with thermometers and the temperature — I’m going with the don’t ask don’t tell policy. But I don’t think I’m gaining too much weight! I’ll attach a picture of what keeps me at least a little more in shape. Oh and I have a picture of where I teach English also! I usually do that once a week; it’s pretty fun and funny. Yesterday I spent a half hour with one of the guys in the ward trying to teach him how to make the “th” sound. I never realized how hard English was, or how much it lacks consistency in its rules. Sorry, people trying to learn English!

Well I hope everyone has a fantastic semana, até mais!
Com amor,
Élder Scott Maughan


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