See Mom, I Take Pictures!

Olá família!

Sorry you only get one letter from a missionary this week! I’m super jealous everyone gets to see Melissa. I absolutely love the pictures though! Melissa looks great. Hopefully I’ll have time to write her back today, but I took the time to read everyone’s emails, which is always totally worth it by the way – I love reading your letters! Also, the internet isn’t working right now so I’m typing this in Notepad, where there is no limit to how far horizontal a line can go. Or in other words, this whole paragraph is one giant line and I can’t read anything I’ve written.

Well hopefully I’ll get to see Melissa in a couple weeks too! The past year missionaries have been able to use Skype, but we haven’t heard if that’s going to be allowed this year. If it is allowed, we already have a family who’s willing to let us use their computer (not too many families here have internet or a computer). It’s actually the family that is getting married and baptized the 22nd of this month! Hopefully you’ll get to see them too – I’ll try to translate. Or Eric might actually be able to translate better than me, if he can understand the Paraense accent.

So part of the mission is getting to do service projects, which are always great. We’ve helped a couple families move, and this past week we got to do some landscaping. From what it seemed like, we were taking a 5 foot dirt cliff and moving it back. I actually have no clue what we were doing or why, because it turns out my landscaping/construction vocabulary isn’t that great. But either way it was really fun, despite that fact that it started pouring basically as soon as we started. Got some good exercise, shoveling mud! But he seemed really happy for the help, and we of course were very happy to help. I’m sending a picture, although the picture was taken after the storm had passed, so you’ll have to imagine the pouring rain when you see it.

Also sending a picture of lunch on Saturday! So you can get a view of my typical lunch. That’s rice and black beans (of course) and spaghetti, lettuce, onions, carrots, some mysterious fatty meat that was mixed with the beans, chicken, farinha, and a side dish of crab (which I opted to not mix with the rest). Actually the crab isn’t as typical, but the rest is seriously more or less what I have for every lunch. And I love it! Remember when I was younger and I didn’t like it when one of my foods touched any other of my foods? Yeah, not anymore.

Well can’t wait to talk to all of you! Next week I’ll let you know the details. Love you all, everyone give Melissa hugs for me!

Elder Scott Maughan


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