Boas Festas!

Hello again!

Not too much exciting news, since I just talked to you yesterday. Which was awesome, by the way. I’m glad skype worked so well. I was a little worried because the hour before that the internet was having a few problems… but worked well for us! Actually ironically the internet crashed just as Elder Bispo was saying goodbye to his family, so I guess we had pretty good timing. It was so great to see all of you! Looked like everyone was doing well. And maybe it was a good thing Eric and Craig were sitting down; I couldn’t compare heights.

So more about the wedding and the baptism of Paulo, Sonia, and Nazaré – that was really really awesome. We went into Belém Wednesday to sign more papers (I got to be a witness), then Thursday night was the wedding and baptism. The ward was really supportive. There were over 60 people that showed up. The wedding went really smoothly, and then before everyone ate (and left) we brought everyone to the font to watch the baptism too. I baptized Nazaré, which was really interesting since she’s scared of water. She actually should’ve been baptized earlier with her brothers, but she wouldn’t enter the water. But luckily she trusted me enough that everything went more or less smoothly. We confirmed them on Christmas in church, and now their whole family seems really happy! Sonia is already starting to get them prepared to go to the temple.

Hmmm so yeah not sure what I have more to say! Christmas Conference was great. I didn’t mind at all the spiritual part instead of the sports part. Knowing my luck with playing sports (other than running), probably would’ve hurt myself. Sent a couple pictures from there. The first is Sister Robinson and me with Elder Miranda, who we met in the CTM our first 3 weeks. He’s super, super nice, and knew a pretty good amount of English, so he quickly became our best friend. I hope I’ll get to work with him sometime down the line! Also, Elder Bispo decided to pick up a snake that someone brought, not exactly sure where it came from. Kinda random and exciting! We ate a ton at the conference, of course, but that didn’t even begin to compare with yesterday and Saturday night. Everyone prepared a feast, and then wanted to share that feast with us. Which was super nice of them! Dad mentioned that missionaries are always hungry, which is generally true. But let me say, last night I didn’t even want to look at food anymore. And I’m still not hungry now, haha. And we get to do this all over again with New Years Eve too! Not going to be sleeping that night, I’ve been told. Everyone for some reason has an absurd amount of fireworks in their house.

Well Feliz Ano Novo, until next week! Love you all, thanks for everything!

Elder Maughan

P.s. oh yeah to answer you’re question, nearest temple is Recife, which is 30 hours by bus from what I hear. Let’s get one a bit closer!


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