Ring Out, Wild Fireworks

Happy New Year! Hope you aren’t too jealous that I was the first one to arrive in 2012.

Also, since Mom is probably wondering why there are no pictures today, the internet is in turtle mode, so I won’t be attaching/downloading anything today. Also, somehow the photos I took at Christmas are no longer on my camera… but don’t worry mom, they on the computer of Paulo and Sonia, so I’ll find them again!

Life is going pretty well in Ananindeua! And it’s going to continue going well here for at least another 6 weeks, cause I’m staying here for transfers. And I’m kinda excited about that! I love the ward, and I’ve been working, especially the last few weeks, with building my relationship with them (meaning, talking in Portuguese to them), so it will be nice to continue to work with them. Plus, I know the area really well now, so I’ll be able to lead my new companion around, who should be arriving tomorrow. Elder Bispo is headed to someplace I hadn’t heard of and I can’t pronounce, much less spell, but I think it’s not too too far so we’ll still get to see each other at conferences and such.

New Year’s Eve here was pretty crazy, that’s for sure. Everyone threw a party (which all started after our curfew, so we didn’t actually go to any of them). Just like Christmas, there was an absurd amount of food, which means a ton of leftovers, which means a meal at every appointment the next day, which means once again Elder Maughan won’t be hungry for a long while. Midnight was absolutely crazy. I realize we were supposed to be asleep, but that wasn’t even slightly possible. For 20-30 minutes there were nonstop explsions coming from every single house in the city (except ours) as EVERYONE set off fireworks. It was soo loud! I thought it was really really neat though. Elder Bispo was slightly disappointed, because, as he pointed out, everyone only bought the cheap fireworks that make more noise than fire, but I thought it was awesome nonetheless.

So tonight we’re going to hold a big FHE as Elder Bispo’s last lesson here. We’re going to talk about the temple, since there are a lot of new families that have been baptized in the past year and are (or should/will be) preparing to go there and get sealed. Definitely learned a lot about the importance of temples here on the mission! And especially about how much temples mean to the people here. And I thought 3 hours was far… the people here who attend the temple have to sacrifice so much, but then again “sacrafice brings forth the blessing of heaven”. Which, by the way, did not get translated in the Portugese version of that song. But anyway, we’re going to use that playdough you sent me to build temples as the activity! Pretty excited, not gonna lie.

Well have an awesome year! And week too. Love you all!
Elder Maughan


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