Feliz Natal #2

Hey family!

So I’m sitting here in the Cyber in downtown Belém and on two other computers there are two men talking. After 5 minutes I finally realized they are talking in English, and I got really excited. Except they are very clearly from England, which is probably the reason it took so long to recognize the English.

Things are going really well here! I love my companion, Elder Chagas. He’s awesome, funny, enthusiastic, and a hard worker. He’s from Recife, and he’s been out 16 months. Also, he’s our district leader, so that adds a bit more excitement and variety to our days. I think we’re going to have some great success here in Paar/Curuçamba. We’ve already been seeing some small miracles everyday, running into people on the street that seem really interested, as well as running into members who we had been looking for. Also, we’ve been receiving some great references from the members here. The Bishop is really motivating everyone; he wants to divide the ward this year. Hopefully Elder Chagas and I can help him get off to a good start!

I was actually going to ask you if you could send me teaching supplies! Having things that investigators can actually see or do really helps with the lessons (especially when I’m at this stage of the whole speaking in Portuguese thing). Plus I think it makes it easier to teach kids and teenagers, which is something we’re going to be doing a bit more of soon.

We’ve gotten back in the Spirit of Christmas, because Elder Chagas brought DVDs of Joy to the World and the Christmas Devocional also, so we’ve been watching those. And he also loves to sing, so we randomly break out in hymns (so far mostly Christmas hymns). Except he sings in Portuguese while I sing in English, because I don’t know all the words in Portuguese. Working on that though! The past couple days The First Noel has been constantly stuck in my head. Not complaining! Also, he and I both received Christmas packages today, so looks like it’s going to be Christmas again tonight!

Well have a fanstastic week – love you all!

Elder Maughan


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