Enya and Basshunter

Happy Martin Luther King Junior Day!

Ananindeua is celebrating MLK Day with 24 hours of rain apparently. But hey I guess that’s cool too!

Sunday (Domingo) is definitely our busiest day of the week. We generally wake up (sometimes earlier than normal), eat breakfast and shower real quick, then leave to pick up investigators to go to church with us. Sometimes we catch a bus to the chapel, which is a little far from where most our investigators live. After church we lunch, then visit people the rest of the day. But Sunday is like our Friday, since we have P-Day the next day, so it’s always a great feeling to arrive home Sunday night after a long week, knowing tomorrow we’ll get rest/sleep.

So my area didn’t have a baptism this week, but in other areas in our zone, 3 people got baptized to whom I taught the first lesson during splits! So I’m going to give myself some undeserved credit there. Also, one was a young women who actually asked that I baptize her, so I got to baptize someone Saturday! That is always such a great experience.

Oh, to explain the subject. This one really long street down which we often walk usually plays music through speakers on the telephone poles. And usually it’s in Portuguese, but sometimes it plays classic and old songs in English. This past week has been rather strange though. I’m not sure who is in charge of the music. I heard “Dota” by Basshunter (okay, which I realize is not English), and also “Wild Child” by Enya. I’m not sure how many people in this world know both those songs, but it’s probably not a very large number.

Pictures! One is me and Elder C. He makes me feel tall. But I think that I’m the shortest American to be called to serve in Belém – the rest are giants. Also the other is Elder B’s going away party, with a bunch of members (and investigators) from Curuçamba. That was our FHE night; turned out pretty well!

Well I hope everyone has a fantastic MLK day and an awesome week too. Love you all!

Élder Maughan


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