Master Chef

Happy Monday! This week was awesome! Elder C and I have been seeing miracles after miracles. He’s a really, really great teacher and great missionary, definitely learning a ton from him. He’s also crazy and funny and really enthusiastic, so we have a pretty good time. We still break out into song rather frequently, I hope our neighbors don’t think we’re crazy.

So not sure if the Lord is preparing me to be a marriage counselor when I get home, or if it’s just prep for my own marriage, but we keep finding ourselves in interesting situations where we have to give couples advice or help them with their marriage. The gospel really does bless families!

Also, I’ve decided that while I’m spending 2 years in a place full of delicious foods (and especially fruits) I’m going to take advantage of this and learn to cook a bit! Picking up on ideas from other missionaries, I’ve already been making easy pancakes (I added chocolate milk mix too, turned out really good!), fruit smoothies, and creme (ice cream/puddingish thing). Elder C and I got a recipe from a lady in the ward this week that we’re going to try to make… it’s supposed to be some sort of chocolate ice creamish thing that is to die for. Will be quite the adventure!

Well I hope everyone has a fantastic week, thanks for reading my emails! Love you all!

Élder Maughan


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