Still Can’t Sightread

Hey family!

It’s been a bit hectic trying to find internet that’s working,
but I think we finally found it! Spent a good chunk of my internet
time loading though… think this might be a bit shorter of a letter,
sorry! Or maybe that’s a good thing for people who don’t like to read
my essays, haha.

We had another baptism yesterday before church! If I figure out
how to send pictures today I’ll attach the one of a family we’ve been
teaching. They still have to get married before that can be baptized,
but their 8 year old son told us this week that he wanted to get
baptized! So that was a really neat experience, I think that the
family was really excited about that. Kinda funny seeing an 8 year old
setting the example for his parents!

Also, I ended up playing the piano in two sacrament meeting
yesterday! Usually I don’t play, but in our meeting the man who plays
wasn’t there. Luckily I was able to play more or less all the songs.
Before the mission I learned “Should You Feel Inclined to Censure”
even though I don’t know why, because I don’t actually like that song
all that much. But turns out to be really helpful, because in
Portuguese they changed the lyrics and made it a sacrament song! And
apparently it’s a popular one too. Yesterday afternoon all the
missionaries in our zone gather together in one of the wards to invite
people from the streets to attend the meetings in that ward, which was
a fun experience! Then when we went in to attend sacrament meeting it
turned out that also had no one to play the piano. Definitely have to
work on my sightreading skills… but I was actually surprised – in one
of the songs I was able to add some left hand by the last 2 verses!
I’m going to give credit to some heavenly help with that, it’s really
nice knowing we can pray for help with really anything.

Also, another Elder gave me his Children’s songbook in Portuguese
yesterday! It’s old and falling about, but still has all the songs!
Flipping through that was a serious trip down memory lane. Now I can
finish learning “Baptism”, since my goal has been to play that at a
baptismal service before the end of my mission.

Also, no pics yet from cooking! But I made a pretty sweet Goiaba
flavored ice creamish thing, which I topped with some chocolate milk
mix (of course, has to have chocolate). By the way, if that sounds
fancy, just know that it’s super super easy to make, not too

Well I hope everyone has a great week with lots of success in
whatever you’re doing. Love you all, take care!

Elder Scott Maughan


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