Cheese Ice Cream


Glad to hear everyone is doing well! Yeah email sure is a huge blessing! The only problem is I’m already running out of interesting things to say in these emails… anyone got any good ideas?

So Elder C, my companion here, is the district leader, so that makes for some super busy, packed saturdays! After our studies, we have to take a bus to Capanema, which is 1+ hour away, so that he can interview baptismal candidates there, then we have lunch there, then we have to take the bus back, and then we have to hurry and prepare for our own baptisms that night! But at least the bus has really comfy seats, and it’s air conditioned. Also, once everything was done this past saturday, we decided to stop by an ice cream shop, where I got a cone of cheese ice cream with guava candy swirled in there, called Romeu e Julieta. Super tasty! Great ending to a great day.

So yeah, we had another baptism saturday night! We baptized a young man whose father and sisters were baptized a couple weeks back, and his mom should be baptized soon also. They are a really great family! Really excited about the Gospel, they’ve already been sharing it with their friends in their street. The same thing happened a few weeks back in this area: one family on a street got baptized, and we’ve been going down the street teaching references of theirs ever since. Why didn’t we ever do that in our own street in NY? Haha multiple times a week I remember that I wasn’t a very helpful member missionary when I was younger. I hope that’ll change after!

Well I’m super sorry for the lack of photos! I’ll try again next week. I took a photo last week of our family home evening during our lockdown during Carnaval! It was pretty fun, and the activity was Munchkin, which is apparently a super popular card game that is kinda old, but I hadn’t ever heard of it. But it’s also in português, so now I’ve got a way to relax, have fun, and still learn português on P-day!

Well I hope everyone has a terrific week, until March!
Com amor,
Élder Maughan

(Scott’s companion, Elder C, very kindly emailed Scott’s photos to us, since Scott’s computer wouldn’t allow him to use a USB flash drive. Thanks, Elder C!)


First Sunday in the Happy Ward!

Olá de Bragança!

So since I know you’re all just DYING to here about how Bragança is… it’s awesome! It’s also way far from everyone, pretty sure it’s actually the furthest you can be from Belém without having to take a plane. It was a pretty sweet bus ride though, taking a single lane road though the forest that had small villages every hour or so. Really pretty! We’re an hour and a half from the next closest area of missionaries, and 3 and a half hours from the zone leaders. Which also can be translated as meaning Elder Maughan will only receive letters/packages once a month at best, maybe once a transfer.

So turns out that the area in fact didn’t get whitewashed, so my companion is Elder C! He’s actually only got 3 more months to go in the mission, pretty veteran! He’s been in the area 4 months now, and things have been going super well. Tons of ward support, many baptisms and people investigating the church here in Bragança. He’s smart and funny, and I think it’s going to be a pretty great transfer with him.

Also, since there’s two wards here in Bragança, we’re living with another pair of missionaries! Elder S (americano) and Elder B (again!) are also in the house, and not going to lie — it’s pretty crazy putting 4 missionaries together. Way fun too though! I have a feeling I’m going to have an awesome experience here in Bragança.

So my goal was to make a good first impression in the Ala Alegre Ward here Sunday, (show that I want to help/work, that I’m at least semi-capable of speaking português, etc…). Not sure if I made a good one, but I know that I made at least some sort of impression, considering I helped teach Gospel Principles, led the music during sacrament meeting, and even gave a talk too! But I think it all went well – the Bishop seemed really happy and somewhat impressed. I’m super excited to work here, the members all seem really great and helpful. The ward isn’t too big, but hopefully over time that will change!

Well off to go figure out where to make purchases here in Bragança, then we’re planning on hiding in our house the rest of the day while all the drunk people and dangerous women are out on the street tonight… happy Carnaval! Have a fantastic week, love y’all!

Até mais,
Élder Scott Maughan

Sorry Mom…

So I just got back from a short trip to the Ver-O-Peso, which was super cool! It’s a huuge market that sells just about everything, by which I mean FISH and FRUIT, and it’s right on the Amazon, overlooking the river. It’s super pretty and a spectacular site, and I spent the whole time think, “Wow, Mom’s gonna kill me because I forgot to bring my camera.” Happy birthday Mom!

We didn’t have a batismo this week, but we have wedding and batismos next weekend! Pretty excited, even though I’m not going to be there… tomorrow I’ll be transferring to Bragança, which seems like a little hike away. I’m going to miss this ward here for sure though! Definitely been a fantastic first area. With such a strong ward! The chapel was packed once again this week, the members seem really excited to bring friends, and reactivate people who have strayed a bit. We’ve been having “Priesthood Trainings” (where Elder C and I basically just give pep talks to get the men in the ward stoked about missionary work) every week, which seems to be helping a lot. For sure this ward is gonna divide! I already asked the president if I can return to serve in the new ward Curuçamba after it gets formed. It’s possible! And would be pretty awesome.

I’m trying to think of anything else noteworthy that happened this week… we still haven’t made that chocolate ice creamish dessert yet… but for sure today! NOW we have everything we need, and we should have the time today. Plus we’ve already promised a handful of people we’ve give out samples… that’s some pressure. Promise I’ll take pictures Mom! Still working on that accent too. I talked to a member in the ward who recommended I practice talking with a pencil in my mouth. I thought he was joking at first, but no, apparently that helps. I’ll definitely have to try that, when no one is looking.

Well Happy Birthday Mom! And Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope everyone has a terrific week, love you bye!
Élder Maughan

Futebol > Football

Quick before I forget to answer your question again, yes I have a washing machine! I hang up my clothes to dry inside, since hanging them up outside is highly counter productive thanks to the rain.

Had another baptism this past saturday! The brother of P (the one you talked with on Natal) was interested in the church after going to the wedding of his brother, and after a couple months of teaching him he decided to get baptized! Also, the ward has a goal to divide this year, and all the members are working together to reach the goal! Everyone has been inviting friends to come to church, and the ward has really been growing! The transfers are the next week, and I certainly wouldn’t mind staying one more transfer here to help some more.

Portuguese is coming along slowly but surely! The past few weeks Elder C has been helping me with the accent, and it seems to be improving! We spend language study with me reading the Liahona (church magazine) aloud, and he listens for my accent. And also I like to write down any word that I read that I don’t recognize, so that works out well too! Got quite the list, that’s for sure.

Watched 3 seconds of the Super Bowl yesterday! A member was flipping though channels in the other part of the room last night, and stopped on the game for a moment. I had forgotten what American Football looked like, so that was kinda excited. Got even more excited/distracted (oops) when I put the game and the date together and realized it was the Super Bowl! But apparently American Football isn’t that cool here, so he continued flipping channels until he found a good soap opera. I guess it’s not the same anyway without the commercials.

Well have a great week, even if there’s no snow! And I’ll let you know if it snows here.

Élder Maughan

P.s. Christmas pic is kinda delayed, but better late than never! The other two pics are out baptisms from last week and this week.