Futebol > Football

Quick before I forget to answer your question again, yes I have a washing machine! I hang up my clothes to dry inside, since hanging them up outside is highly counter productive thanks to the rain.

Had another baptism this past saturday! The brother of P (the one you talked with on Natal) was interested in the church after going to the wedding of his brother, and after a couple months of teaching him he decided to get baptized! Also, the ward has a goal to divide this year, and all the members are working together to reach the goal! Everyone has been inviting friends to come to church, and the ward has really been growing! The transfers are the next week, and I certainly wouldn’t mind staying one more transfer here to help some more.

Portuguese is coming along slowly but surely! The past few weeks Elder C has been helping me with the accent, and it seems to be improving! We spend language study with me reading the Liahona (church magazine) aloud, and he listens for my accent. And also I like to write down any word that I read that I don’t recognize, so that works out well too! Got quite the list, that’s for sure.

Watched 3 seconds of the Super Bowl yesterday! A member was flipping though channels in the other part of the room last night, and stopped on the game for a moment. I had forgotten what American Football looked like, so that was kinda excited. Got even more excited/distracted (oops) when I put the game and the date together and realized it was the Super Bowl! But apparently American Football isn’t that cool here, so he continued flipping channels until he found a good soap opera. I guess it’s not the same anyway without the commercials.

Well have a great week, even if there’s no snow! And I’ll let you know if it snows here.

Élder Maughan

P.s. Christmas pic is kinda delayed, but better late than never! The other two pics are out baptisms from last week and this week.


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