Sorry Mom…

So I just got back from a short trip to the Ver-O-Peso, which was super cool! It’s a huuge market that sells just about everything, by which I mean FISH and FRUIT, and it’s right on the Amazon, overlooking the river. It’s super pretty and a spectacular site, and I spent the whole time think, “Wow, Mom’s gonna kill me because I forgot to bring my camera.” Happy birthday Mom!

We didn’t have a batismo this week, but we have wedding and batismos next weekend! Pretty excited, even though I’m not going to be there… tomorrow I’ll be transferring to Bragança, which seems like a little hike away. I’m going to miss this ward here for sure though! Definitely been a fantastic first area. With such a strong ward! The chapel was packed once again this week, the members seem really excited to bring friends, and reactivate people who have strayed a bit. We’ve been having “Priesthood Trainings” (where Elder C and I basically just give pep talks to get the men in the ward stoked about missionary work) every week, which seems to be helping a lot. For sure this ward is gonna divide! I already asked the president if I can return to serve in the new ward Curuçamba after it gets formed. It’s possible! And would be pretty awesome.

I’m trying to think of anything else noteworthy that happened this week… we still haven’t made that chocolate ice creamish dessert yet… but for sure today! NOW we have everything we need, and we should have the time today. Plus we’ve already promised a handful of people we’ve give out samples… that’s some pressure. Promise I’ll take pictures Mom! Still working on that accent too. I talked to a member in the ward who recommended I practice talking with a pencil in my mouth. I thought he was joking at first, but no, apparently that helps. I’ll definitely have to try that, when no one is looking.

Well Happy Birthday Mom! And Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope everyone has a terrific week, love you bye!
Élder Maughan


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