Cheese Ice Cream


Glad to hear everyone is doing well! Yeah email sure is a huge blessing! The only problem is I’m already running out of interesting things to say in these emails… anyone got any good ideas?

So Elder C, my companion here, is the district leader, so that makes for some super busy, packed saturdays! After our studies, we have to take a bus to Capanema, which is 1+ hour away, so that he can interview baptismal candidates there, then we have lunch there, then we have to take the bus back, and then we have to hurry and prepare for our own baptisms that night! But at least the bus has really comfy seats, and it’s air conditioned. Also, once everything was done this past saturday, we decided to stop by an ice cream shop, where I got a cone of cheese ice cream with guava candy swirled in there, called Romeu e Julieta. Super tasty! Great ending to a great day.

So yeah, we had another baptism saturday night! We baptized a young man whose father and sisters were baptized a couple weeks back, and his mom should be baptized soon also. They are a really great family! Really excited about the Gospel, they’ve already been sharing it with their friends in their street. The same thing happened a few weeks back in this area: one family on a street got baptized, and we’ve been going down the street teaching references of theirs ever since. Why didn’t we ever do that in our own street in NY? Haha multiple times a week I remember that I wasn’t a very helpful member missionary when I was younger. I hope that’ll change after!

Well I’m super sorry for the lack of photos! I’ll try again next week. I took a photo last week of our family home evening during our lockdown during Carnaval! It was pretty fun, and the activity was Munchkin, which is apparently a super popular card game that is kinda old, but I hadn’t ever heard of it. But it’s also in português, so now I’ve got a way to relax, have fun, and still learn português on P-day!

Well I hope everyone has a terrific week, until March!
Com amor,
Élder Maughan

(Scott’s companion, Elder C, very kindly emailed Scott’s photos to us, since Scott’s computer wouldn’t allow him to use a USB flash drive. Thanks, Elder C!)


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