Didn’t Spellcheck This – Sorry!

Tudo bem? Beleza!

So, my last email as a teenager… haha, thanks for the birthday wishes! [Scott will be 20 on Thursday] Thanks to a surprise conference in Castanhal last week I received my birthday packages earlier than expected, so thank you! Glad to hear that the missionaries in our ward will be eating well! I’ll probably be eating very well too, I hope! We actually happen to be lunching Thursday in the house of a woman in Bragança whose dad owns the hospital and whose husband owns a restaurant, a pharmacy, and a house of show (which I don’t really know exactly how to translate).  I hear she feeds the missionaries very well, to say the least!

Life’s going well! We have no exciting plans for today… except actually we’re going to Catanhal again tonight! Elder C has a meeting in Belém tomorrow. We were thinking about it, and it’s actually kinda funny: Before the mission, and trip over 3 hours away was like a vacation that you had to plan for a month in advance. Here, we just hop on a bus and travel for 4 hours like it’s just whatever, even if we don’t really know exactly what’s supposed to happen when we arrive at our destination. Didn’t Jesus tell his disciples once or twice that they shouldn’t worry about what they were going to eat/wear/sleep or something like that? Yup, that’s us.

Wow I just reread that last sentence and corrected it in 4 different places. And now I realize that I never go back and spell check my letters before sending them… Craig, you might have to be my editor.

That being said, I hope my Portuguese is improving also! Still working on the accent and new words every day, and learning new ways of saying things that I probably should’ve learned 6 months ago. But hey at least now I know! Elder C is helping out a ton with that. Also, I’m helping him with his English, which he speaks super well. It works out very well; we usually are learning new words together. We spend lots of time in the street! We actually have to walk 10 minutes or so until we actually arrive in our area, and then we have to have walk up to another 15-20 minutes to arrive where we actually teach most of our investigators. So we sure get our exercise!

Speaking of exercise, we’ve started running a few days a week! There’s a little plaza near out house where we run laps. Brings back great memories, I love it! Even if we only run 15 minutes, haha. Better than nothing! You’ll have to tell all those guys congrats at States [Indoor Track Championship]. And also tell them that I’m representing Burnt Hills and Section 2 here in Bragança, wearing my Burnt Hills Track and Field (7) shirt while I run. Section 2 Represent!

Well, I promise this coming week I’ll try to keep a look out for exciting things to tell you guys. So until next Monday! Love you all!
Élder Maughan


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