Happy 20th Birthday, Scott!

Scott will be celebrating his birthday in Bragança, Brazil, today (and will mark seven months in the mission field tomorrow.) If you’d like to send Scott a birthday greeting, please comment on this post (or leave a note on his Facebook wall) and I’ll be sure that he gets it on Monday. Gotta love technology! *Ü*


6 thoughts on “Happy 20th Birthday, Scott!

  1. Happy birthday Scott! Much love, hope all is well from Kent Harlow in Durham, NH! All the stuff you’ve been writing / posting (Thanks Mrs. Maughan!!) has been super cool and while I haven’t written you or anything I’ve been keeping up and reading of your sweet times regularly (I definitely seek to change that soon enough… if I can think of something interesting to tell you…)! Anyways, happy double decade birthday buddy!

  2. E ai rapaz! Como vai? Nossa mae diz que se alguem escrevesse no Facebook, ela mandaria noticas pra voce, e pensei que iria escrever tambem. Ia para eu ter escrito um Postcard pra voce, mas sempre esquerco. Noelle e eu vamos a Dartmouth a semana que vem, vamos mandar cartaos para voce la. E agora, ja que ninguem pode nos entender, vou falar mal de tudo mundo em Portugues. Talvez nao. Feliz Aniversario, cara! Agora va batizar!! Te amo!

  3. Scott, I still remember the day you were born and visiting you in the hospital. You’ve come a long way! We love you and hope you have a very happy birthday! Love, Janet, Steev, Kyle and Camille

  4. Happy Birthday Scott!! We are 20 now can you believe that!? It’s kind of exciting!! Hope your birthday was super awesome and that you got my letter, there’s a birthday “present” in it! Too bad I can’t make you a chocolate cake like last year, I hope that you did get to eat some chocolate though {you and your chocolate obsession 🙂 }!
    Love and miss you!!

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