Weeee are the champions!

Olá querida família!

Hope everyone had a wonderful week! My week passed quickly, but was a great week again in Paragominas! Elder O counted at least one big miracle everyday, it really was one more week full of miracles. We found a few more members that didn’t know the Church had arrived in Paragominas, and found other people on the streets that asked to be taught by us. Elder O and I joked that this was probably the only area on the planet where you do the walking but the people on the street do the contacting.

So we ended up not having a single baptism during these 2 weeks, but I still think our trip to Paragominas was a huge success! Especially considering the attendance was about 20 when we got there, and yesterday there were 45 people at church! Everyone in the group seemed super excited; for sure it will become a branch soon! Presidente Campos made it a goal that he would have a branch there before he leaves in July. He said that he’ll be sending another couple of missionaries there this week, so I hope that there will be missionaries in this area permenantly now! That would be so awesome, one more great, growing area here in Belém!

We missionaries hosted a cooking contest Saturday night! Tons of people came — it was a big success. And the best part was guess who won? Of course, the missionaries. We went with the American classic, brownies with vanilla ice cream. How could we lose? The judges gave us a total of 77 points out of 80, almost perfection. But the rest of the foods there were super delicious also, and everyone seemed to have a great time. We also made sooo much brownie, that’s going to last a while!

Well I’m hoping that one day I’ll be able to return to Paragominas! Elder O says he’s been putting in a good word with Presidente Campos, haha. We’ll see! Either way, I’m excited to be back “home” in Bragança, and to put in practice here all the things I’ve been seeing and learning in Paragominas. And I’ve sure got plenty of time left here to return to Paragominas. So who knows?

Well I wish everyone all of the best, and a great week! Oh and happy belated birthday Craig! Love you all!

Élder Scott Maughan


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