Happy Monday! First off, transfers were today! (Fun fact: Belém is the only mission in the world that transfers by car, bus, boat, AND plane!) Elder C left, along with Elder S and Elder B (the other twos missionaries in the house), so looks like things will be changing up a lot. I’ll be staying here in Ala Alegre though! Not 100% sure who my companion will be yet, so looks like I’ll have to keep you in suspense until next week, sorry! I’ll be meeting all the new Elders that are coming to Bragança tomorrow.

Elder C’s last week here was really great though! He and I organized a Talent Show for friday night, and invited both wards to attend. It was a pretty big success! At first it seemed like it wasn’t turning out too hot, considering we asked all the acts to show up before 5:00 so we could rehearse and plan until the start at 7:00, but by 6:15 there was still no one there… Not gonna lie, brasileiros aren’t exactly the most punctual people haha. But at 7:30 a ton of people showed up, and it turned out really well. Elder S and I got roped into singing in English THREE times; my voice was completely shot by the end. But other than musical performances, there was still a pretty decent variety of dancing, drawing, and telling jokes too. Everyone had a great time!

The next day we baptized the granddaughter of a family of recent converts, and a handful of our investigators were able to attend the baptism! The baptismal service went so smoothly and so well, and everyone could feel the Spirit so strongly. Afterwards, two of the women we are teaching told us that they wanted to get baptized just like that girl had been baptized! It’s so great to see the Spirit work like that. I’m so grateful for the help of the Holy Ghost. Although help probably isn’t the right word, since really he’s the one doing everything, and I’m just trying my best to help. Either way, it was a really really great experience for everyone!

So, saturday is the big day! It’s the last general conference of Presidente Campos, and everyone is waiting anxiously and nervously to see if the temple will be announced. And we’ve all been working like crazy too! We’ve definitely been “kicking” this month, to put it in running terms. In just this month, 178 people have been baptized here in our mission! We’ve definitely been showing God our desire to have a temple here, now we just have see if it’s been enough. And, of course, if it’s His will at the moment. I realized that this Saturday, at roughly 13:00 here, it’s going to feel EXACTLY like NXN Regionals all over again. Set a goal, work really hard at your goal, and then just SIT in the chilling suspense to hear if your name is called. The real question is: will it be NXN Regionals my junior year or my senior year? Looks like we’ll see… Rumo ao Templo de Belém!

Well I hope everyone has a great week, and enjoy Conferência Geral! Love you all, thanks for everything!

Élder Scott Maughan

P.S. “Bragança” = bra-´gone-saw, hope that helps!


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