A Beautiful Ranch-Camp on the River

Hey família!

So I’ll try not to feel too much pressure about having to write a good letter right now… I’m glad to hear that my letters have been able to help a few people! It always means a lot to me to know that I can help people back home, even while being here.

Conference was great! Despite the lack of the temple being announced… but that’s okay! Guess we’ll just have to wait until October, and I’ll still be here then! So it’s all good. Talked a lot about families in conference, that’s for sure! Realized it’s not quite as cool to hear about families here in the mission, since sometimes it seems I can’t help my own family because I’m far from them, and I’m definitely not in a position to start thinking about having my own. But I realized I can still do my best to help out family from here! So if there’s anything I can do to help (besides letters) let me know. Love you all a ton!!

So my new companion is Elder L! He’s way cool – I like him a lot. He’s been out on the mission for 4 months and he’s from São Paulo. He’s the only member of the Church in his family, but it’s amazing how strong his testimony is and his desire to serve. Actually, of the 4 companions I’ve had, 3 of them were the only active members in their respective families. I have so much respect for these Brasilians here serving missions; they are really great examples of putting God before everything, even families. I’m excited to work with Elder L! Obviously we have lots of work to do, lots of improvements to make… but that’s alright, we’ve got plenty of time to work on that!

Friday morning we had a baptism! I don’t know if you remember, but we baptized a man named C a few weeks ago, and this week we baptized his sister! Had to overcome many challenges (such as finding a time when her mom would let her be baptized, and finding a place to baptize her thanks to a broken pump in the church) but we overcame all of these things! We ended up going to a sister’s sítio (Not sure exactly how to define it… a mix between a ranch and a camp?) early in the morning to baptize her in a pool of natural water from the river. It was pretty neat to say the least!

Hmmm… every week I say I’m going to write down cool things in my planner to tell you guys… and I do that! Except I do that Monday morning after completely forgetting what happened during the week. But I’ll try to keep up a little better this week! Have a fantastic week and a great Páscoa!

Élder Maughan

P.s. Watched conference in English! What a relief, haha.


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