FIFA Pays Off

Happy day after Easter!

Haha sounds like it’s a rather busy weekend! Thanks for all the effort you guys put in to write to me, really appreciate it!

First off about Easter… other than the fact that the Sacrament meeting talks were about Christ and his Atonement (which of course were really great talks), there was really no other way of knowing it was actually Easter. Turns out people here don’t really do anything different at all for Easter, but that’s alright!

My week here with Elder L went just fine! Nothing terribly exciting… we had organized another activity Friday night that was a success. It was called a Gincana! Not sure how to describe it – it’s where you have a few teams and a ton of random small contests and you get points for your team depending on if you are able to answer a question or do a certain task… it was pretty neat! Also, I feel super Brazilian. There was a name-that-celebrity contest, where they showed the face of a celebrity, just little squares at a time. One of them was Kaká (soccer player) and I guessed him right after just 2 little squares, way before the others were able to get it! Yup, thank you FIFA.

So Elder V and Elder S are the new Elders in the other ward, and they are super awesome! I like them a ton; they are both super funny and animated, but also work hard and are very obedient too! Elder S is American also, but we don’t speak nearly as much English as I did with the other guys. I know him pretty well already though, he arrived a transfer after me, and we were in the same zone before also. He’s from California, so we like to “argue” about what’s better, the west coast or east coast (east coast). But the guys really help create a great atmosphere in the house, where we can have fun and work hard at the same time. It’s a great mix!

Well I hope everyone has a great spring break, or finals too! Love you all, take care!

Élder Scott Maughan


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