It’s Hard to Type Accent Marks

Scott, Elder L (his companion), Elder S, and Elder V

Happy 2nd Day of the Market!

Sounds like everyone had a pretty busy week! I’m starting to think that maybe your weeks are busier than mine. Glad to hear that the Priest Laurel conference went well. I love the pictures! Also I’m pretty excited to find out how many pictures you take this next weekend. Also can’t wait to see the pictures!

Life in Bragança is going well! Things are great with Elder L, and with Elder V and Elder S. Things are going really well with the ward too! Our bishop had been in São Paulo for a month, but he just got back Saturday. Our bishop is such a champ: He’s been in São Paulo having medical procedures done on him, but that hasn’t stopped him from helping out the ward and doing everything he can. He’s super excited to be back, and all the members are just as pleased to see him! He’s a really great example, and he supports us missionaries a ton.

So one more blessing from being a mission: I always wanted to be able to sightread music (hymns) on the piano, but I was always terrible at that. Well turns out that’s been improving too! I still need a few minutes to practice/look it over, but it’s gotten to the point where I can add at least a little left hand to each hymn by the last verse! Haha I know it’s kinda a small thing that probably doesn’t matter too much in the scheme of things, but I sure appreciate it.

Speaking of music, I got to play the cello this week! As a service project, I taught a short lesson in a school of music here. The ward mission leader knew I played the cello and so he offered my help there. That was kinda fun! Wasn’t exactly sure what to do, but the professor said that I helped haha. He told me to play something that I knew (without music, which is basically nothing) but I somehow remembered that version of “Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief” that I played last year, so that worked out nicely. Another service project we did this week was type up some papers for people. I decided really enjoy typing, despite the fact that it’s rather difficult to type in português. But it’s nice to do any type of service project, and it gives us the chance to meet and talk with lots of different people!

Well I hope that this next busy week of yours goes well! Have an awesome time at the wedding! Love you all!

Élder Maughan


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