Bragança knows how to dance!

Hey family!

Sounds like a pretty epic week for everyone, not going to lie. I’m sorry that some of you were a little sick, but it seems like everyone had an exciting week! And I love the pictures; everyone looks so nice! It must’ve been great having the whole family together for that. Congrats to Eric and Noelle. I’m super happy for you two! Basically everyone here in my ward knows that you got married Saturday. I was pretty exciting about that and told more or less everyone haha. They share their parabéns also!

Scott's oldest brother, Eric, who also served a mission in Brazil, was married to Noelle on Saturday in the Mount Timpanogos Temple.

Well while my week wasn’t nearly as exciting as yours, it was good as well! While all your festivities were going on Saturday, we also had a pretty special day! Walking down the street, we found a couple who had been taught by the missionaries in Belém, and had moved to Bragança just recently. Not only are they actually married (that’s exciting because it’s not too common) but they seemed pretty excited to meet the missionaries, and they even came to church with us yesterday! Everyone in the ward welcomed them really well, and they really enjoyed the meetings. So I’m going to credit that miracle to Eric’s wedding, considering that since I’m here on the mission instead of celebrating with the family, I deserved something special for that haha.

Also here’s a pretty inspiring story: there’s a man in our ward who got baptized 1 1/2 years ago, and he’s the secretary of the ward. He lives with his parents, who hate the church. Every Sunday, he had to sneak out of the house and go to a friends house to change into his shirt and tie in order to go to church. One time his mom tore up a attendance roll that she found, and she threatened to burn any Book of Mormon she finds. But he’s super dedicated, magnifies his calling, goes to every activity, and helps us our with our missionary work a ton. Yesterday he spoke in church, and told us that that morning he was leaving for church when his parents stopped him. They told him that he couldn’t trick them anymore; they knew he was going to church. But then they surprised him by saying that they no longer have any problem with him being Mormon. What a miracle! I was so happy for him, and I could tell how much joy he was feeling too.

In other exciting news: Bragança became famous in all of Brazil last night! On national popular television there was a competition between Bragança and some other city in the south, about which city danced better. After a length presentation of what the city was like, each city had a huge group of people that preformed a dance that supposedly represented the city and its culture. Then everyone in Brazil voted. Unfortunately Bragança lost by a lot… but hey, at least it’s on map now!

Well I hope everyone has another fantastic week, maybe a little more relaxed this time! Thanks for all the letters and the support! Love you all a ton, take care!

Élder Scott Maughan


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