Missionaries Taking Over Bragança

Dearest família,

Bom dia! So I actually have things to say today that are kinda cool! First off, transfers are tomorrow, but I’m not going anywhere! And neither is anyone in our house. The 4 of us are staying in Bragança, and we’re pretty excited. The other Elders are really great, super fun and spiritual and hard working at the same time. We have lots of great discussions and learn a ton together. So we were pretty happy! Things are really been catching fire here too recently, so I am happy because I didn’t want to leave just as things are starting to improve a lot. Also, the fact that we just got a new fridge and washing machine Saturday — wouldn’t want to have to leave that behind.

Saturday was Day of the Missionaries! That was actually really neat; all the returned missionaries in the wards here in Bragança, as well as a few from neighboring cities, were set apart again as missionaries for one day! Everyone spent the day out in the streets visiting less active members, friends of other faiths, and just making any contacts with people in the streets. The streets of Bragança were packed with white shirt and ties (and a few skirts too, thanks to a few sisters) and black nametags! All in all, it was a huge success, and now we have 50+ references to contact in the city haha. Certain got our work cut out for us!

Also, I was really inspired by how exciting all the returned missionaries were to be able to put that nametag back on, for even just one day. Made me really think about the rare and amazing opportunity this is, and how I don’t want to waste one day here. Definitely don’t want to have any regrets in the end!

As for housekeeping… I can buy contact lens solution here (way expensive, but available). My shirts are more or less still white… but most of them have stains or marks, which I believe are thanks to the old washing machine. Also, wouldn’t mind a few more ties, those are always useful! If I think of anything else I need this week I’ll write it down and let you know.

As for Skype [on Mothers Day], not sure yet… if we can use Skype, I’ve already found a place here we can use it. So I’ll let you know when I find out!

Well thanks for everything, dearest family! Love you all, and you’re in my prayers also!

Élder Scott Maughan


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