Penalty Kicks?!

Hey family!

Hope everyone has had a great week! Sounds like the weather was super nice. I’m pretty jealous… the weather here is starting to get less rainy, more sunny, and even hotter. Here comes the summer! At least I won’t have to lug around an umbrella as often.

This was a good week in Bragança! We found lots of new people to teach this week, thanks to the couple that just got baptized, and also that Day of the Missionaries. And a few of these new investigators even came to church with us, and they seemed to really like it! Also this was a good week because we got to work with a bunch of less-active members who came back to church yesterday! It was such a great feeling to see these people walk back through the doors, and I could tell that they felt much better too. It seems really tough to return to church; it really takes guts and courage and humility. But it definitely pays off. And the members of the ward were great. They made the less-active members feel welcome and wanted here in the church again. Really, this Alegre Ward is awesome.

In other exciting news… I felt kinda proud because I was somehow able to teach (and focus on!) the first lesson while the Championship of the Champions League was going into PENALTY KICKS. Not going to lie, that was extremely challenging. Basically every TV in Bragança was turned on to watch that, so despite the fact that we were teaching a women in front of her house, there was really no way to avoid it. I can’t even imagine trying to serve here during the World Cup – that would be nuts. I have to admit, next to my vocabulary of the Gospel is probably my vocabulary of soccer, because everyone here loves to talk futebol.

Speaking of sports, I cannot wait to read this article about Joe Carr! That’s amazing. I definitely couldn’t stop smiling for forever after reading those 2 tweets from Milesplit. Tell him congrats for me!! [I sent Scott a screenshot of the tweets announcing that Joe had just run the 200m in 21.33 and had the Section 2 record and the NY#1 time!]

Well, hope everyone has a great week, love you all! Thanks so much for the support from everyone. Take care!

Com amor,
Élder Scott Maughan


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