That was Confidence, not Ignorance

Happy Memorial Day!

Thanks to that sweet Adirondacks calendar, I can still remember American holidays! Hope everyone is having a wonderful day! While it’s not a holiday here, preparation day is more a less a holiday, so we can all celebrate holidays together today haha.

This Memorial Day weekend has been pretty exciting here as well! Yesterday was stake conference here, which was really great. Since Bragança is so far away from the stake center (3 hours on a bus), they decided to just have the two wards here meet together for stake conference. But it was still great, the stake president came, Presidente and Sister Campos came, and the talks were super spiritual, inspiring, and interesting. They talked a lot about the importance of having missionary experiences weekly, if not daily, and of using the Book of Mormon to introduce the church to non-members. The stake president invited everyone to carry a Book of Mormon in the hand with them wherever they go, which I thought is a pretty neat idea. Apparently that’s worked really well in a few cities where that idea has been applied, so I’m exciting to see if it will work here.

As for other exciting stories that happened this week… Oh yeah! So we were walking to an appointment in the part of our area that is the most jungle-like when we arrived to where a bunch of boys in the street were running around shouting things. There were a bunch of wasp-looking thingies flying in the air, but I thought to myself, “I’m not afraid of wasps!” and just kept on walking. After we left the commotion behind, I found out from Elder Lopes that those “wasps” have some sort of venom (spelling?) that can knock you out, send you to the hospital, and keep you in bed for a week. But, as one of those boys pointed out as we passed, “They are men of God; these wasps can’t bite them.”

Well have a wonderful week! Thanks for all the letters and support, love you all! Take care!

Com amor,
Élder Scott Maughan


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