Just Like Cereal in Milk, Right?

Happy June!

I hope everyone had a great end of May and start of June! I won’t lie – I was pretty excited for June to start, mostly because the suspense of what would be the next picturesque photo in my Adirondacks calendar was killing me.

May ended well! I had a ton of meetings this week, with zone meetings in the beginning of week and ward meetings in the end of the week. But they were great, and productive! I remember more or less dreading meeting before the mission… that’s on my list of one more attitude change I’ll need to keep when I return. Obviously, sometimes meetings get nothing done. But when everyone participates and afterwards actually does what they say they will do, it’s amazing what even a quick, little meeting can do!

So I remembered I haven’t talked about food for a while… that’s probably because I arrived in Bragança just after the era of açai for R$2. I can’t believe I missed that! Right now it’s R$8, since we’re out of season. But there’s plenty of other awesome foods here to make up for it. Seafood is really popular here in Bragança, and lately I’ve been loving the shrimp! It’s way different here: much cheaper, smaller, saltier, and (hate to break it to you) fresher. And super tasty! Grab a handful of shrimp that had just been taken out of the sea that morning, wash them, pluck off the heads, the tails, the antennas, and the legs, and you’ve got a great afternoon snack! I also hear they are absolutely amazing mixed in a bowl of açai, so I’m thinking that Elder F. Lopes and I will have to throw in some cash to experiment with that this week, in case I get transfered from here next week.

Well, love you all! Thanks for all the support. I really appreciate everything you do. Take care, until next week!

Com amor,
Élder Scott Maughan


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