Transferring deep into the Amazon Jungle!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day here in Brasil, in case you were puzzled.

Tomorrow is also transfers! Found out that I’ll be going as far away from here as I possibly can, to a city called Oriximiná. To get there it’s going to take 4 hours in a bus, 1 hour in a plane, and 12 hours on a boat! Haha this is going to be way interesting. But don’t worry Mom, I’ll take pictures.

The green marker on the far right is Bragança, where Scott is currently serving. The yellow marker on the far left is Oriximiná, the jungle city where Scott is being transferred.

But I’m going to miss Bragança a ton! The people here are so nice and motivated, and they love to help the missionaries out with everything. When I was writing in my journal last night I realized that I’m going to miss this area even more than Paar, my first area, because I was able to make more friends and become closer friends here with members and investigators, probably due to the fact that the language has been getting a little better here. But this is part of the mission! And I’m exciting to help and meet more people in Oriximiná also.

Not sure if you guys heard in the States, but the Templo de Manaus was dedicated yesterday! That was a really great experience. I vaguely recall the dedication of Winter Quarters, but I couldn’t remember anything, so that was pretty much the first dedication I had seen. I really enjoyed how the chapel turned into part of the temple, where a recommend was required. While it was a little bittersweet, just because we’re hoping the same thing will happen here in Belém soon, it was great to see the people in Manaus being so blessed. The night before they presented a cultural celebration, full of cultural dances, and also a small skit representing the sacrifice that the members had to make to attend the temple. Tons of fun!

Well love you all, I’ll let you know how the voyage went next week! Take care!
Élder Scott Maughan

“Me with a family from the ward. The young man farthest on the left just got back from his mission while I was there, and was the ward mission leader. Really helpful guy!”

“Élder Lopes burning a tie at the 6 month mark (not something that I did, by the way)”


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