Hammocks Rock! Get it… “rock”… haha

Haha pardon the subject line, puns in English are a bit harder to make now.

Happy July! Glad to hear life is going well for all you guys! Sounds like there’s been some really crazy weather too, I hope everyone is managing okay. Life here in Oriximiná (ory-sheemy-nah) is swell! Despite the fact that we’re more or less in the middle of the rainforest, Oriximiná doesn’t get too much rain (so not nearly as bad as the east coast back home). That being said, it’s actually been drizzling all morning here today, so maybe I’m just mistaken. Also, I saw a map of Pará yesterday, which was really neat to actually see where I am and where I’ve been. Honestly, it was the first time I’ve seen a map since I got here, haha. I realized that I really miss maps for some reason.

This past week has been a good week! Elder Tavares and I are continuing to work hard with the members, both to strengthen the ward and to help them to fulfill their missionary responsibilities. Our zone (Zona Santarém) has a goal to teach lessons only with members. While this makes it a bit more difficult to teach a large quantity of lessons during the week (and sometimes it makes the lessons themselves a bit more tricky), I know it definitely pays off in the end, since our investigators will already have a support system and friendships in the Church, making it more likely that they’ll accept the invite to come worship with us. A good example of this was a women we’ve been teaching who came to church for the first time yesterday (and loved it) after having been taught by the missionaries for probably 6 months now.

The members also showed lots of support for Pablo, a young man who got baptized Saturday night! He’s one of those converts where you could really see a huge difference in his conduct as he progressed and agreed to live the commandments. He’s already been participating in the ward activities now, and seems like he’s made some great new friends in the church, which I know will be a great influence on him. Activities are another thing Elder Tavares and I have been planning/organizing! We were thinking of ways to excite/unite the ward, and we’ve been trying to do that through activities and a little program to give to the member on Sundays.

Glad you liked the pictures! The hammocks on the boat really were incredible, I should’ve tried to take a picture when all the hammocks were full of people haha. You basically sleep with everyone just piled together, except everyone in their separate hammock. And yes I’ve actually been sleeping in a hammock every night! That’s my hammock I was using in the picture with Elder Stacy. Except it’s a pretty cheap, lightweight hammock. Perfect for traveling, but probably not the best when it comes to comfort. Either way, I still really enjoying sleeping in a hammock and rocking myself to sleep!

Well have a great week and a great 4th of July! Love you all, thanks for all the support. Take care!
Élder Scott Maughan


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