Yes We Use Candy As Bribery…

Bom dia! Hope everyone is doing great! Thanks for the emails, even if I don’t always write back to everyone, I really love hearing from you!And I’ll try to be less of a slacker, and I’ll write back.

This email might be a little shorter, since I’m spending half my time trying to find an efficient way to upload pictures… But they say a picture is worth a thousand words, right?

To answer Mom’s questions: The Oriximiná Ward actually has a pretty solid amount of youth, most of them really active also. They are almost always hanging out at the church, playing soccer, listening to music, riding bikes, or just doing whatever there. They seem to like Élder Tavares and me well enough, or at least they love joking around with us. They are almost always willing to go on visits with us, even if they demand candy in return, haha.

The language is going much better now! Now I’m just trying to develop more of my personality in Portuguese, haha. But it’s coming along. It doesn’t seem like the accent here is as strong as it was in Belém, or maybe I’m just getting used to it (hope so!). It looks like I’m actually picking up an accent from São Paulo instead of Pará, just because Elder Tavares has been helping me out a lot with that. But I figure that’s okay, because I look much more like a paulista than a paraense. Also fun fact: I found out yesterday that when a baby is born with blue eyes here in Oriximiná, they call him a “Mormon baby”. Hmmm… haha.

The people are really great and really open to us. When we clap at doors, almost everyone will talk with us, and I’d say a majority let us in if we ask. We tend to knock on doors more than talk to people in the street, because not too many people here know their address exactly, or their house doesn’t have a number, so that makes it a little hard to find their house ever again. But of course we try to find all our new investigators through help and references of the members, that makes it much easier in every way.

So the pictures: One is me on the giant motor boat on the Amazon River, and the other two are animals that are more or less common in Oriximiná and the jungle round about. Enjoy! Love you all and take care!

Elder Scott Maughan


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