My Poor Shoes

Wow 50 weeks already? I’ll admit when Mom sends me a letter with the week number as the subject, I usually don’t even notice the number. But that “5” caught my attention haha. This seems to be passing by much faster now.

Hope everyone is doing great! Sounds like everyone in the family sure is keeping pretty busy. Glad you liked the pictures! No I actually haven’t seem any wild alligators, that last one was on its way to becoming food. Haven’t actually eaten alligator, although I’ve heard it’s rather quite tasty, with lots of meat in the tail. Elder Taveres is asking for the skin to make a cover for his scriptures haha. But I have seen Macaws in the wild! My first very day here, two singing Macaws flew overhead. Which is apparently really rare, and really beautiful. Think Ash seeing Ho-oh fly overhead in the first episode. I hope at least Craig got that.

My typical day isn’t exactly too different now as it has been in my other areas! Oriximiná isn’t exactly super jungle, isn’t a nice little city founded on the edge of the Amazon, and actually isn’t a pretty well developed city. Actually, largely in contrast with other areas I’ve seen, the city is almost completely paved, with only a few small neighborhoods on the very edges with dirt roads. So a typical day isn’t too different, we still make contacts in the street and stop by the houses of members. We’ve also been doing lots of service projects lately, helping people clean up their yard, shovel and spread out sand, and helping  families move into other houses. I really enjoy the service projects! Also, this is the first time that I’ve been the only companionship in the city, and the members and our investigators are pretty spread out, so we usually end up walking a ton. But that’s okay! I just feel bad for my shoes, they’ve been taking a beating, walking on hot asphalt all day.

I met the new president, Presidente Scisci, in Santarém last week! Quick trip (24 hours on a boat, only 12 on land) but it was great. He’s from São Paulo, and seems like a really great guy. His wife is also extremely nice. They seem really humble and caring. I’ll keep you updated with how he is as I get to know him better. I only spent a couple hours with him before we had to return to Oriximiná.

Well have a wonderful week, love you all and take care!
Élder Maughan


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