Oops don’t have time for a subject line!

Hey there everyone!

I hope all have been having a great summer! It just occurred to me that it’s winter here.

The PO box is working well! I’ve gotten a handful of postcards and a couple letters from Dad, thanks! As of today the package from home still hasn’t arrived… but that’s okay, there’s still one more week left in my journal. So far I’ve been faithful to one full page in the journal every day, by which I’m pretty surprised, considering I never wrote in my journal before the mission… but I’ve been enjoying it so far!

[Scott has a PO Box in the town where he’s serving, so if you want to write him a letter in the next week or two, it’s probably safe to send it here:
Caixa Postal N°10
Oriximiná – PA
You can also continue to use the address here.]

Oh yeah I knew Elder Williams was from Buffalo, I didn’t know he’s from the same ward as Aunt Anita! That’s really awesome. You’re not going to believe this, but I’ve actually never met him haha. He was up in Macapá while I was in the Belém area, and now I’m out here in Santarém so I’m probably not going to see him for a while… this might be the only mission where it’s impossible to get the whole mission together. Speaking of isolation, Elder Tavares and I are going to go 3 weeks without seeing a single other missionary… good thing we get along really well!

So I would write more, but they are shutting down this cyber so I’ve got to go…
tchau tchau!
Élder Maughan


One thought on “Oops don’t have time for a subject line!

  1. Elder Williams is actually from a different ward in the Buffalo Stake. And I’ve never met him either! But I have met his parents. (His dad is in the stake presidency.) Perhaps you will meet his before you come home. Hope all is well in Brazil.
    Aunt Anita

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