This’ll Be Quick…

Scott’s district wearing their matching [American] football ties.

Dearest Family!

So I may or may not only have 5 minutes to write you… sorry, this has been a very hectic hour! But I’m glad to hear that everyone is doing well, I really enjoyed seeing the photos mom sent, seeing what everyone is up to!

So we had zone conference 2 weeks ago, and last week Elder Mazzagardi, a general authority from the Seventy, came to Santarém to speak with the missionaries. It was an amazing fireside! If I had more time I’d tell you all about it. But he’s such an amazing speaking, super spiritual and extremely intelligent, it seems like he knows every scripture by heart. I wonder if I can be like him if I keep up the scripture memorizing here? I’d love to have all the knowledge he has, makes me want to study more and more.

But his visit meant one more trip to Santarém! And we’ll probably be going to Santarém next week also, because next week is transfers. I don’t have any clue if I’ll stay or go, so I’ll have to let you know next week. I’d like to stay, but I’m up for anything!

Well I promise I’ll write more next week… also I’m sending a letter home today, so maybe that makes up for this short email? Haha hope so!

Have a wonderful week, love you all!
Elder Scott Maughan

Elder Tavares and Scott (well, his shoes) in the boat on the way to Santarém.


Grocery Shopping

Dear Family,

I hope everyone had a wonderful week! Not gonna lie, I’m pretty jealous you got to go to Lake George… I’m glad the weather there was terrific! And that’s exciting that Craig is going off to college Wednesday… I hope Mom and Dad are ready to be empty nesters!

Sounds like everyone had a good week, and my week went really well also! Elder Tavares and I definitely had our most productive week yet here in Oriximiná, with more lessons and new investigators than before. And that’s even with a conference in Santarém and the trip to and from! In the zone conference we talked a lot about finding new investigators. We were able to even find a few families to teach this week! It’s such a great feeling to find families. And these families are even legally married! Of course finding sometimes is the easiest part, now we just have to teach well, and of course integrate them with the members well. We’re discovering that it’s difficult to bring investigators to church if they don’t have friends or other support in the church, so we’ve been making plans to always visit these new families with a member at our side. That seems to be helping!

So about my P-days: We leave the house at 10:30, just like normal, and we use the Internet, pass by the post office and the bank, and go grocery shopping (although usually it’s a different order every week, depending on lines, and what’s opened/closed). There’s a pretty large grocery store here, relatively close to home! It sells everything we need, and the prices seem pretty good. I usually buy just veggies to make salad at night and ingredients to make oatmeal in the morning. We also eat lunch at home on P-days, usually we just make rice or pasta, sometimes we even buy some ground beef if we are feeling especially adventurous. Oh and we also like to eat sardines with our rice, haha turns out that’s really tasty! And it’s much easier/faster than making ground beef (not that we’re lazy…). After lunch we usually write letters, or just rest, maybe study a little bit more. The days always passes so quickly, and soon enough it’s 6:00 and time to hit the road again. It’s a pretty relaxing day!

Unfortunately it’s been a while since I played the piano… I’m probably a bit rusty by now. But I’m sure it’ll come back to me!

Well, we’re off to go grocery shopping now. Have a terrific week,love you all, thanks so much for the love and support. Take care!
Com amor,
Elder Scott Maughan

Hot Sun is Hot

Hey family!

Wow I’m sorry to hear that’s basically scorching hot back home! This past week hasn’t been too bad actually, in terms of weather. After 2 weeks of sun, some clouds finally arrived. The US might be hotter, but I don’t think the sun there can even compare with the sun here, just saying. Especially when you are walking in the street from 11-4 under the sun haha. But it’s all good! We joke that the missionary “mantle” is protecting us from the sun, because despite all the sun we take in, we don’t ever end up burnt or even all that red, surprisingly.

Sundays are always probably the busiest day of the week. Church here starts at 4, so we usually spend the hours before and after church visiting our investigators and inviting them to come to church, and when things work out well we usually walk to church with at least one of them. At least here in Oriximiná, we missionaries usually end up preparing and blessing the sacrament, but we don’t teach too often. Every once in a while we teach Gospel Principles, only if the professora doesn’t show up. And actually yesterday we both gave talks in sacrament meeting too. I think in 8 Sundays here I’ve already given 3 talks haha. Seems like they like hearing the missionaries here. But it’s never a problem, as you know I like to give talks! Reminds me of when I would trade Jared the prayer for the talk in Primary, haha.

Well sorry for the kinda short e-mail, I’ll have to organize myself better next week haha. But thanks so much for the support and the help, I really appreciate it. Have a wonderful week, you’ll be in my prayers!

Élder Scott Maughan

Volleyball? Too soon….

Happy first week of August!

So yup, I’ll be hitting my one-year mark this week! Kinda exciting, although it really doesn’t mean anything… just that I’ve only got one more year to do my best here. To answer your question, I can’t say that this year passed more or less quickly than any other year… the beginning was very slow, but these past few months sure are picking up speed. It’s interesting to look back at the past year, because I feel like I’ve learned and grown in so many ways, but I also feel like I should’ve improved more as a missionary than I have until now. But hey, at least I’ve got one more year to work on that too!

To answer your questions about Elder Tavares, he’s been out almost 7 months. He’s a great missionary, dedicated and diligent and smart. He doesn’t play many sports, but he seems to like sports enough! He’s a big fan of volleyball, so I’m not allowed to talk much about the fact that USA beat Brazil in men’s and women’s volleyball last week… haha.

Also thanks for the 10k update! It’s fun to hear those stories about intense races. Obviously, we don’t get to watch the Olympics here, but since almost everyone is watching (especially “football”) and we are teaching a few young men who are really into the Olympics, we get basically all the updates.

Oriximiná is treating me well! The members treat us well, and feed us well too! The members are all extremely generous. If they can’t have us into their house to eat lunch with them, they almost always give us some money to buy food. When that happens, Elder Tavares has been teaching me to cook a bit more! I’ve still a pretty terrible cook, but it’s gotten a lot better haha. And also we’ve been on a pancake craze lately, ever since the Crosby’s sent pancake mix. After we finished off the mix, we got the recipe to make them from scratch and we’ve been doing that a few days a week. Pretty tasty! The food here isn’t too different than in was in Bragança. The only difference is that here fish is super expensive, so we never eat fish or any sea food. But there’s an endless supply of banana here, so that’s been a staple.

Well thanks for all the love and support, I really appreciate it! Have a wonderful week, good luck with everything, and take care!

With love,
Elder Maughan