Volleyball? Too soon….

Happy first week of August!

So yup, I’ll be hitting my one-year mark this week! Kinda exciting, although it really doesn’t mean anything… just that I’ve only got one more year to do my best here. To answer your question, I can’t say that this year passed more or less quickly than any other year… the beginning was very slow, but these past few months sure are picking up speed. It’s interesting to look back at the past year, because I feel like I’ve learned and grown in so many ways, but I also feel like I should’ve improved more as a missionary than I have until now. But hey, at least I’ve got one more year to work on that too!

To answer your questions about Elder Tavares, he’s been out almost 7 months. He’s a great missionary, dedicated and diligent and smart. He doesn’t play many sports, but he seems to like sports enough! He’s a big fan of volleyball, so I’m not allowed to talk much about the fact that USA beat Brazil in men’s and women’s volleyball last week… haha.

Also thanks for the 10k update! It’s fun to hear those stories about intense races. Obviously, we don’t get to watch the Olympics here, but since almost everyone is watching (especially “football”) and we are teaching a few young men who are really into the Olympics, we get basically all the updates.

Oriximiná is treating me well! The members treat us well, and feed us well too! The members are all extremely generous. If they can’t have us into their house to eat lunch with them, they almost always give us some money to buy food. When that happens, Elder Tavares has been teaching me to cook a bit more! I’ve still a pretty terrible cook, but it’s gotten a lot better haha. And also we’ve been on a pancake craze lately, ever since the Crosby’s sent pancake mix. After we finished off the mix, we got the recipe to make them from scratch and we’ve been doing that a few days a week. Pretty tasty! The food here isn’t too different than in was in Bragança. The only difference is that here fish is super expensive, so we never eat fish or any sea food. But there’s an endless supply of banana here, so that’s been a staple.

Well thanks for all the love and support, I really appreciate it! Have a wonderful week, good luck with everything, and take care!

With love,
Elder Maughan


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