Hot Sun is Hot

Hey family!

Wow I’m sorry to hear that’s basically scorching hot back home! This past week hasn’t been too bad actually, in terms of weather. After 2 weeks of sun, some clouds finally arrived. The US might be hotter, but I don’t think the sun there can even compare with the sun here, just saying. Especially when you are walking in the street from 11-4 under the sun haha. But it’s all good! We joke that the missionary “mantle” is protecting us from the sun, because despite all the sun we take in, we don’t ever end up burnt or even all that red, surprisingly.

Sundays are always probably the busiest day of the week. Church here starts at 4, so we usually spend the hours before and after church visiting our investigators and inviting them to come to church, and when things work out well we usually walk to church with at least one of them. At least here in Oriximiná, we missionaries usually end up preparing and blessing the sacrament, but we don’t teach too often. Every once in a while we teach Gospel Principles, only if the professora doesn’t show up. And actually yesterday we both gave talks in sacrament meeting too. I think in 8 Sundays here I’ve already given 3 talks haha. Seems like they like hearing the missionaries here. But it’s never a problem, as you know I like to give talks! Reminds me of when I would trade Jared the prayer for the talk in Primary, haha.

Well sorry for the kinda short e-mail, I’ll have to organize myself better next week haha. But thanks so much for the support and the help, I really appreciate it. Have a wonderful week, you’ll be in my prayers!

Élder Scott Maughan


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