This’ll Be Quick…

Scott’s district wearing their matching [American] football ties.

Dearest Family!

So I may or may not only have 5 minutes to write you… sorry, this has been a very hectic hour! But I’m glad to hear that everyone is doing well, I really enjoyed seeing the photos mom sent, seeing what everyone is up to!

So we had zone conference 2 weeks ago, and last week Elder Mazzagardi, a general authority from the Seventy, came to Santarém to speak with the missionaries. It was an amazing fireside! If I had more time I’d tell you all about it. But he’s such an amazing speaking, super spiritual and extremely intelligent, it seems like he knows every scripture by heart. I wonder if I can be like him if I keep up the scripture memorizing here? I’d love to have all the knowledge he has, makes me want to study more and more.

But his visit meant one more trip to Santarém! And we’ll probably be going to Santarém next week also, because next week is transfers. I don’t have any clue if I’ll stay or go, so I’ll have to let you know next week. I’d like to stay, but I’m up for anything!

Well I promise I’ll write more next week… also I’m sending a letter home today, so maybe that makes up for this short email? Haha hope so!

Have a wonderful week, love you all!
Elder Scott Maughan

Elder Tavares and Scott (well, his shoes) in the boat on the way to Santarém.


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