Bushwhacking for Baptism?

Glad to hear and see that everyone is doing well! I’d have to say that, yes, a picture is worth a thousand words. That being said, I happened to have been assigned to a computer that won’t read my camera… oops sorry, not my fault! But hey there may or may not be something already headed your way in the mail…

So, transfers are today! I’ll be staying here in Oriximiná, but unfortunately Elder Tavares is being transferred. It was really great working with him; we got along really well, and I learned a ton about diligence and charity with him. He has an aunt living in NYC, so I told him that when he goes to visit her one day, he’ll have to come hang out in Upstate New York. My new companion will be Elder Rosa, from way down in the south of Brasil. He actually was Elder Stacy’s companion in Óbidos, so I already know him, and he’ll be coming just a few hours up the river to his new area. He’s been out on the mission just about 2 months, so looks like we’ll get to learn a lot together!

This past weekend was the baptism of a man we’ve been teaching named Henrique! He’s 20 years old (whoa, my age!) and he’s been dating a member of the church. I’m amazed by how quickly he’s been learning and changing his life! He’s been reading the Book of Mormon everyday, has a really strong testimony. Honestly, he already seems just as active as his girlfriend, who’s been a member for years haha. It was great to teach someone who really truly understood the importance of baptism, and someone who was so excited for his baptism.

The baptismal service itself was truly a miracle, you wouldn’t believe what we had to do to fill the font! It was one of those days when everything was falling apart: pumps were broken, wires were fried, faucets suddenly stopped giving water, hoses didn’t have any way of staying connected to faucets, I had to jump walls and walk through weeds over my head looking for water… the thought going through my head the whole day was “Surely if God can part the Red Sea, He can put 2 feet of water in the baptismal font.” Sure enough, by 8:00, we had enough water to baptize him, and it ended up being a baptismal service really special, with tons of members and nonmembers there to witness it. Such a great ending to a slightly rough day!

Well I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Thanks for the letters photos and support, I really appreciate all of it!
Love you all a ton,
take care!
Elder Scott Maughan

P.s. Took me a while to remember the word for bushwhacking, got really
excited when I remembered haha. Good old times in the Adirondacks!


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