A Smile is the Best Air Conditioner

Querida família,

Hey there! Hope everyone had a wonderful week.

So to answer your questions about the transfer, Elder Tavares went back to Belém, to Cidade Nova, the same zone I started in. (Preposition at the end of the sentence? I think the Portuguese is making me think more in my English). No I didn’t go to Santarém, just to Óbidos and back to pick up Elder Rosa, my new companion. My first week with him has been great! Since he’s relatively new in the mission we get more time to study and practice in the mornings, which I’ve been loving. This whole week we’ve been studying the Book of Mormon and how to use it to share the restored gospel, and it’s been really fascinating. We’ve even been able to put a few of techniques that we’ve learned into practice, and they work and help a lot! Preach My Gospel really is an awesome manual, not only to learn how to preach the gospel, but to learn the gospel also.

And to answer your other question, life in Oriximiná is great! I wouldn’t say I’m feeling “pro” at the area, but I know it pretty well by now. And lately I’ve been feeling a whole lot more confident about my ability to speak Portuguese, so that’s made things a whole lot easier. I’ve been able to interact much more with the youth and with the members, and with investigators and other contacts in the street.

In the beginning of the mission, Eric told me that I should pick just one thing and be the best at it. I’ve decided that that one thing was smiling. I try to always smile, regardless of what’s going on, and I feel like that helps a lot. It keeps me cooler when I’m in the sun, less discouraged when plans fall through, more confident when I speak with someone for the first time, and it helps me stay much more positive and upbeat, even when things aren’t going so well sometimes. My roommate, Austin Clegg, taught me that if I spent 30 seconds each morning just sitting and smiling and thinking happy thoughts, I’d have a better day. I believe that that’s true! There’s power in smiling.

Well I hope everyone has a great week, good luck with school, work, and parties! Love you all so much, thanks so much for the support. Until next week!

Elder Scott Maughan


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