Scripture Power!

Dearest family,

Yay I’m glad my package got there! I thought you’d like the DVD of pictures. We were waiting in a camera store in Santarém and Elder Stacy was printing pictures when I suddenly realized “Hey, I have my camera, and money, and I’m sitting here doing nothing surrounded by people who can burn a DVD of pictures for me!” And when I say “me” I mean “Mom”, of course. Turns out that that wasn’t the cheapest place to burn a CD, but I figured if I didn’t do it then I’d never do it haha. That also means I didn’t take the time to look at my camera to see which pictures I was sending to you… but I don’t think there was anything too crazy. I hope not!

This past week flew by, but it was a nice week! Lately we’ve been trying out a new technique to find people to teach: completing families. We’ve been going on visits with active members to visit less-active members, to strength and rescue those members. And also, almost all of those less-active members have family members that aren’t baptized, so we get to find new people to teach. Another Elder who just was transferred into our district told us that this plan is working well in his old area, so we’re going to try out that here! There are certainly quite a lot less-active members here, so if this turns out well we’ll certainly have plenty of teaching opportunities doing this!

Also, I love the Book of Mormon! It really has such an amazing role in learning more about the restored gospel and becoming converted. We have been teaching a couple for a few months, where the wife already has a pretty strong testimony of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, but the husband refused to believe in any of this, especially that there could be any other scriptures other than the Bible. But when we spoke with him on Saturday, he told us that he had started reading the Book of Mormon, and now he enjoys reading it even more than the Bible haha. Now he’s accepting everything much more quickly, and he’s made some amazing progress. The Book of Mormon really is super special.

Other exciting things that happened this week, hmmm… I really can’t remember! My memory isn’t too good I guess, haha. But I’ll be sure to write down and keep track of cool things that happen (and of course I’ll try to take pictures!) so that my next email can be more exciting, haha. Love you all, have an awesome week!

Elder Scott Maughan


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